► Hampton, Jun 26: 'Group in garden'

(19090) A resident has complained to UoB about noise from students gathered in their garden at 1xx Hampton Road in the early hours. He reports: "It is now 03:07 on Friday, 26 of June. There is a group of between 8 and 10 ppl in the garden ... they have music playing in the house and are outside talking very loudly and drinking." "This is now the second time this has happened this month." (Email to me, June 28, 2020. 15:38)

► Roslyn, Jun 27: 'Party until 5am'

(19089) A resident in Roslyn Road reports she had to get out of bed twice, at 3.50am and again at 5am, to remonstrate with students holding a party across the street from her house. She says she was sworn at on the second occasion and felt intimidated confronting "a group of drunk, rowdy males." A second resident says there was a strong smell of cannabis coming from the house. Both residents have made complaints to UoB. The first resident, who has young children, says in her email to the university that the latest incident came after "weeks of noise coming from students drinking and shouting in their front and back gardens during the hot weather and often in to the early hours." She cites fr

► Waverley, Jun 21: 'Called police at 1:30am'

(19088) A Waverley Road resident says she had to move out of her bedroom because of late-night noise from a student house across the street. She says the noise came from a basement living room at the house, which is part of a row between Hampton Road and St Ronan's Avenue. In an email to me, the resident said: "On Sunday, 21st June, there was a gathering of several people in this living room. It began around 10pm. .... They were drinking and talking, and this talking became shouting as the night wore on. "I was trying to sleep, but even with windows closed and moving to the back of my flat, it was still too loud to allow me to sleep. I had to work the next day ... "I felt too nervous to call

► Collingwood, Jun 25: 'They just ignored me'

(19087) A resident has complained to UoB about noise after midnight in Collingwood Road caused by students congregating in the street or on the front steps of a house. He said: "Tonight at around midnight there was street noise in Collingwood Road as a large group of UoB students returned to x Collingwood Road. It was a mixed group of around a dozen shouting loudly. ... "They mostly went inside but a number decided to sit on the front steps smoking and talking loudly. After twenty minutes I shouted out for them to be quiet which they did for around 5 mins but then resumed. I again shouted out and they just ignored me. "It’s now 1am and they are still at it. Another disturbed night's sleep co

► Cowper, Jun 23: 'Regularly disturbed'

(19086) A resident has complained to UoB about repeated noise disturbances in Cowper Road. He says in an email to me: "For the 3rd consecutive week my wife and I have been regularly disturbed throughout the early hours of Tuesday morning by UoB students walking or hanging around on Cowper Road. "Disturbances occurred this morning at 12:40am, 1:30am and 4:35am. "At 1:30am I did get dressed, go out and speak to both sets of noisy students, asking them to be quiet and move on. However, it’s difficult to do this on every occasion and, to be frank, I’ve got better things to be doing - like sleeping so I’m refreshed for work the next day. "The disturbance at 4:35am was a group of young male studen

► Arlington, Jun 22: 'Shrieking and screaming'

(19085) A resident reports late-night "shrieking and screaming" at Arlington Mansions, a block of flats on Arlington Villas, on June 22, 2020. He says the noise also disturbed his neighbours. "At 4:30 my neighbours intervened and the tenants seemed to go back indoors at this point. Evidently they were on the roof ... Incredibly dangerous as it's a 5-storey building." The resident reports having earlier complained to UoB about an incident on June 2, 2020. "There was a very loud party starting late evening before midnight. The windows were fully open, there was loud music, loud maniacal giggling and shouting until at least 4am (when I finally managed to get to sleep)." It took some time follow

► Hampton, Jun 18: Noisy group on street

(19084) A group of about a dozen people of student age walked southwards on Hampton Road at about 12:45am on June 18, 2020, shouting and talking loudly. They then stopped at the Chandos Road/Hampton Park crossroads and remained there for about 10 minutes, making similar noise. There was no indication of any social distancing. I observed this group myself and took video. Other recent examples of street noise: A resident videoed a group of about 15 people of student age walking north (downhill) on Hampton Road just after midnight on June 17 from the vicinity of Cotham Vale. A resident was disturbed by loud voices from a small group of student age walking south on Hampton Road in the vicinity o

► Woodfield, Jun 21: 'Music at 12-40am'

(19083) A resident has complained to UoB about several late-night disturbances from two houses in Woodfield Road. This is the second of two reports. The resident said in his email to UoB: "x Woodfield Road: 19th June, [they were] in the garden till around 3am talking very loudly. "Again today [Sunday, June 21] they came back at 12:40am put music on fairly loudly and then went into the garden and [are] talking loudly. It is now 01:10am [and] is still going on." The resident has subsequently said the noise lasted until around 2:30am - 3am. (Email, to me, June 22, 2020. 21:01)

► Woodfield, Jun 18: 'Noise till 3:40am'

(19082) A resident has complained to UoB about several late-night disturbances from two houses in Woodfield Road. This is the first of two reports. The resident said: "x Woodfield Rd: On the 13/14th June they had a low-level-music party that went on till 5am on the 14th. There was around 20+ [people] in the house. The music was low but the noise of them talking was very loud. At around 4am they climbed out of their window and sat on the roof for around an hour. "On the 18th June this happened again. It all stopped at around 03:40h. There was around 15-20 [people] in the house again." (Email, to me, June 22, 2020. 21:01)

► Brighton, Jun 17: 'Noise in garden'

(19081) A resident of Cowper Road has complained to UoB about late-night noise coming from the gardens of student properties in Brighton Road, which backs on to Cowper. The complainant cites incidents on Jun 15 and Jun 17, 2020: "We are residents on Cowper Road and were disturbed by parties at No. xx Brighton Road on two separate occasions already this week. The first was on Monday night (2200-0430) and last night 2215-0330. "This has mainly been music and loud groups of students drinking in their gardens. ... Not only is it entirely anti-social given the timings, it also echoes around the enclosed space of Cowper and Brighton roads’ gardens "Furthermore the students are blatantly disregardi

► Eaton Crescent, Jun 17: 'Woken at 2am'

(19080) A resident has complained to UoB and property agents about a further incident (see previous report) in Eaton Crescent on the night of June 17. She said: "... we had a problem last night with Flat No 1, xx Eaton Crescent. This flat held a party last weekend which woke us at 0300. My partner visited the property and asked them to be quiet; they did respond positively but annoyingly did the very same thing again last night. We were woken intermittently between 0200 and 0430 by loud music and party chat (shouting). "My partner visited the property at 0400 to ask them to stop the noise but it continued. He witnessed steamed up windows and approximately 15 people in the front room. To add

► Arlington / Eaton, Jun 16: Multiple incidents

(19079) Arlington Villas and Eaton Crescent have again been cited as a hotspot of noise by a resident who's made several previous complaints. In an email on June 16, he said: "We've had a party within earshot pretty much every other night of the week for the last 2 weeks. Worst has been No x Arlington Villas and No xx-xx Eaton Crescent who regularly have parties which easily exceed the government rules on numbers and social distancing. We have on occasion reported this to the police who were disinterested as it was a noise complaint. "The noise regularly wakes me up in the early hours mid-week sometimes as late/early as 0400 which makes it hard to then go back to sleep. We've reported this t

► Collingwood, Jun 14: 'Peace shattered'

(19078) A resident has complained to UoB about students partying at a house in Collingwood Road on Sunday evening, June 14, 2020. The resident said two students returned to the house a couple of days earlier, having been away for 10 weeks. He went on: "Tonight they have had twelve people in the house. This is in breach of the Covid lockdown. They went out at 9pm as a group with no social distancing, all carrying cans of alcohol. This is in breach of the Covid lockdown. They returned at 10.15pm loudly making noise in the road and partying with no social distancing. This is in breach of the Covid lockdown. "It’s been so quiet, peaceful and community-minded for the last ten weeks in our street

Council's HMO proposals are welcome—but enforcement must be stepped up

COMMENT: Belatedly, I'm posting the comments I submitted to Bristol City Council as part of its consultation on proposals to control the spread of HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation). The consultation closed in mid-March, just as we were all becoming transfixed with Covid19. My submission is available here. I supported the basic proposals in the council's Supplementary Planning Document for HMOs but pointed to some areas that need clarification. (To understand those comments, you might need to refer to the SPD itself, which is available here.) I also suggested a list of practical steps that HMO landlords or developers should be required to implement in order to mitigate noise in or from HMO

► Aberdeen, Jun 5: 'Noise in garden'

(19077) Less than two weeks after several residents complained to UoB about a late-night party at a student house in Aberdeen Road, one of the residents made a further complaint on June 5, 2020. The resident, an emergency-services worker who has made several complaints recently about noise from nearby houses, wrote to UoB: "I am sending you this email at 0050hrs. I am due up for work at 0500hrs! It’s been ongoing for 2 hours already.There are at least 6 of them drinking and being noisy in their garden plus music from inside the house." The previous report is here: (19073).

► Hampton, Jun 2: 'Many students arriving'

(19076) A resident has complained to UoB about a noisy gathering of students at a house in Hampton Road on the evening of June 2, 2020. This came just five days after he reported a previous series of noise disturbances at the house, which is situated between Abbotsford and Aberdeen Roads. (See earlier report.) In his latest complaint, the resident, an emergency-services worker, estimated there may have been 20 people at the house. Under the coronavirus regulations it is illegal for any number of people to gather indoors unless they are members of the same household. According to public records (see end note), the house has an HMO licence for 10 tenants. In an email sent to UoB shortly after

► Brighton, Jun 2: 'Noise at midnight'

(19075) A resident has complained about noise from a student house in Brighton Road at around midnight on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. He also notified the police that the occupants appeared not to be following lockdown rules. "There was a group of about 8+ in the house, windows open etc. I did tell them about the noise and social distancing not being conformed to and I would contact the police on 101." (Email, June 3, 2020. 09:39) After he spoke to the students, they left the house and the property was dark when a police car arrived a few minutes later. (The house is currently not listed as an HMO in public records. Other houses in the street that are listed as having HMO status are typically lic

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