► St Ronan's, 11 Dec: Music 'heard in next street'

(18052) Loud party at house in St Ronan's Avenue, Tue, 11 Dec 2018. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol about a party at this address that went on until after midnight on a midweek night (UoB guidelines: quiet by 10pm). Returning home after an evening out, he notes: "When I got back at 11.30pm I could hear the party from the end of a neighbouring street. The windows were open and the amount of party noise was high." After speaking to students at the property, "they closed the windows, turned the volume down, and the guest gave me their mobile number." He nevertheless had to exchange texts until 12.40am to get the music reduced to a "barely audible" level. After that there

► Greenway Rd: 'Woken 2-3 times a week'

(18051) Multiple disturbances at a student house in Greenway Road between Oct and Dec 2018. Neighbour reports being woken "two to three times a week" by shouting, music and other sources of noise. Complaints made to University of Bristol, Bristol City Council and the police. Neighbour says council's noise enforcement team has sent the students a warning letter, and a PCSO from the local beat team has visited the property to talk to the students.

Guardian and Bristol Post highlight The Noise Pages

The Noise Pages has been getting attention from various news media. The Guardian posted this article online: https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2018/dec/06/down-with-studentification-how-cities-fought-for-their-right-not-to-party I would not have awarded myself credit for the university's crackdown (see second paragraph), but otherwise it's a good round-up of a problem that afflicts towns and cities across the country. Visits to The Noise Pages spiked to 1,300 on the day it was published (up from about 50 a day so far this month), and I received several emails from people around the country who're battling similar problems. The article also seems to have stirred the Bristol Post to action. U

► Ravenswood, 8 Dec: House 'a problem for years'

(18050) Student house party in Ravenswood Road, near Hampton Road, Fri/Sat 7/8 Dec 2018. Beat music and noise of people in street, noted at 1am to 1.30am. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol about this event, which follows several others at the same address. Two other residents have also confirmed they were disturbed by the party. (Update: Another resident has expressed concern about noise from the house.) The first resident details disturbances on three dates in September, which resulted in a complaint to UoB. Another incident, and complaint, followed in October, and a fifth incident, and further complaint, in November. The resident says she subsequently was concerned to

'In the last four years, the noise problem has become impossible'

The toll that night-time student noise is taking on residents is captured vividly in this account from a resident. It's a story echoed in other emails I've received. In her own words (identifying details removed): "I received your flyer ... and was delighted to see that someone is trying to do something about this ever increasing noise problem. I've lived on Hampton Road for over 11 years, and it was once a lovely place to live and raise my children. However, over the last four years or so, the noise problem has become impossible. I have been trying to work out how to afford to move elsewhere. I am literally being driven from my home by this specific problem. The issue ... is both local part

► Lansdown, 5 Dec: Group 'chanting and grunting'

(18049) Large group of students making noise in street, late evening, Wed 5 Dec 2018. Two residents have complained to the University of Bristol. First resident: "It’s 11.20pm and I’ve just returned from talking to lots of students at [xx] Lansdown Road. The noise started around 30mins ago, with chanting, grunting and general shouting. When I went to investigate they weren’t hard to find—there was large group milling around in the street and garden of No. [xx], with the front door open and students coming in and out. When I spoke to a girl who lived in the house she explained they were all leaving and apologised. Sure enough, within 5 minutes of me returning home the noise really calmed down

► Woodfield, 1 Dec: 2am party draws complaint

(18048) Student house party in Woodfield Road, 1-2am, early hours of Saturday, 1 Dec 2018. Moderately loud beat music, plus sound of party-goers outside the property, audible in Chandos Road. Group of students seen arriving and making noise at 2am. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol, which has contacted the students.

► Abbotsford, 2 Dec: 'Thudding, piledriver music'

(18047) Loud, late-night house party in Abbotsford Road, near Hampton Road, Sat/Sun 1/2 Dec 2018. Two residents have sent complaints to the universities about an event at this address, which is occupied by students. (See update at end.) The first resident says, "There was ... loud music played constantly from 11pm to 5:40am. We tried to complain but were stopped by a doorman. He said he would ask them to lower the volume, but did no such thing. As well as the music, there was noise from taxis coming and going through the night." The second resident says, "We noted thudding/pile-driver type music and flashing lights from the windows of [xx] Abbotsford Road at around 19:00 before going out for

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