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November 20, 2019

(19040) Three residents report noisy groups in Roslyn Road at various times during the night of Monday, November 18, 2019.

Resident 1 cites "groups of students walking down the road shouting at the top of their voices and also singing at around 2.30am, on and off for 30...

November 18, 2019

(19039) Loud party at student flat in St. Paul's Road, Clifton, near Oakfield Place, on Saturday/Sunday, 16/17 November 2019, which lasted until 4am.

Two residents have complained to UoB.

Resident 1 describes the event as "a large loud party ... The noise was from the hou...

November 18, 2019

(19038) Party at student house in Manor Park, near Redland Road, late in the evening of Friday, November 15, 2019. (Second complaint against this property.)

A resident has complained to UoB: "Yesterday evening we were subjected to very loud noise coming from the garden o...

November 18, 2019

(19037) Group, assumed to be students, causing disturbance in Hampton Road near junction with Abbotsford Road in the early hours of Thursday, November 14, 2019.

A resident reports: "I've just been woken from a very sound sleep by a group of drunk students shrieking and s...

November 13, 2019


► Operation Beech, the police anti-noise patrol funded by the University of Bristol, is now taking a scheduled break until mid-December. See here for the December dates and the number to text when the patrols are next in operation.

► What can we learn from other p...

November 13, 2019

Leeds City Council plans to bring in orders that would ban open-air street parties and public drinking in areas of the city with big student populations.

The orders would also make it an offence to dump rubbish in the street and fail to manage household waste bins.

As the...

November 12, 2019

(19036) Large group of students making noise as they left a house on the west side of Lansdown Road at about midnight on Monday, Nov 11, 2019.

A resident has complained to UoB: "The loud noise went on for about 15 minutes—mercifully short for this kind of incident—but th...

November 12, 2019

(19035) Large group of students shouting on Hampton Road, near Abbotsford Road, on evening of Friday, Nov 8, 2019.

A resident reported: "They are literally shrieking as loud as they can, for no apparent reason, unceasingly as they slowly migrate up the street. No singing...

November 6, 2019

COMMENT: Student noise has become more of a problem in recent years as the University of Bristol has increased its intake. More students, more noise. With the university planning further big expansions, what are the chances things might get worse?

This question breaks d...

November 4, 2019

Police patrols aimed at curbing student noise resume this week, starting on Tuesday for Guy Fawkes Night and continuing on Friday and Saturday (Nov 8 and 9).

'Operation Beech' was paused last week during Halloween and the weekend because of other police commitments. The...

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Notes: Current-year incidents are marked ►. Incidents from 2017-18 are marked ■ . Students involved in 2017-18 incidents are probably no longer at those properties; current occupants shouldn't be blamed for past events. The "Live" blog item (all heading , no text) is used for real-time reporting and will change frequently. (Mobile viewers: You can filter the blog using controls shown at the end.)

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