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* Hampton, 28 July: Third complaint

(S059) Third complaint about a student house on Hampton Road, near the Chandos junction—reported just 24 hours after the second complaint (see previous report).

Resident reported to UoB just after midnight: "It is now Tuesday, 28th July, and there was another get-together at [xx] Hampton Road. This time it finished at 00:05H. There was at times loud music and when there was no music you could hear the talking even with the windows closed.

"I know [UoB staff visited] yesterday, telling them what they are expected to do. I just don't think they took it seriously.

"At 00:05 I counted 16 students leaving the house to go on to somewhere else .... As they left, I was outside on my chair and you could hear several of them going 'shush' over and over again."

(Email, 28 July 2020, 00:19, sw)


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