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  • Andrew Waller

* Woodfield, 24 July: 'Hell of a racket'

(S053) Further complaint about a student house in Woodfield Road that was reported to UoB just three days previously after a large party (see previous report).

The complainant wrote to UoB at 00:15 on Friday, 24 July, that "number [x] Woodfield Road is at it again ... this time they are in the house singing and talking at a very high level of voice. [There are some students] in the garden. As I can't see over the high fence, I can't tell how many there is. This has been going on since at around 22:00H ..."

He emailed UoB again about an hour later to say that some students had left and the gathering had "almost finished", although there "was still a lot of talking loudly in the garden, where there was a small fire" with people sat around.

"The small number of them that left made a hell of a racket leaving. It is now 01-00H and there [are] 4 girls by the fire talking loudly."

He suggests that if the students were contacted by the university after his complaints relating to the event on 21 July, "then [they] didn't learn anything."

(Emails, 24 July 2020, 00:15 and 01:06)