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* Hampton, 12 July: Groups shouting on street

(S030) Procession of students shouting as they walked north on both sides of Hampton Road at about 0:40am on Sunday, 12 July.

I was on Hampton Road at the time and saw a lot of students coming towards me, initially from the lower part of the road near the railway line. They were making a great deal of noise—loud talk, punctuated with whoops and shouts. They momentarily attracted the attention of a passing police patrol car but it pulled away and turned off Hampton, possibly into Chandos Road.

I turned into Woodfield Road to allow them to pass me. Having done so, one group turned back and headed into Chandos Road. The other group, or groups, continued towards the Clyde Road junction, still shouting.

The group that turned into Chandos subsequently went into Lansdown Road, where it seems they were hoping to join the party that was under way there. However, it was breaking up as they arrived. See my report of that incident.


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