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* Cotham Vale, 13 July: 'Loud bass music'

(S034) Loud party at a house at [xx] Cotham Vale, north side, on the evening of 13 July.

Resident reports: "There is very loud, bassy music playing in the 1st floor at the front. They have the windows open and are shouting and screaming loudly. I would estimate there are 10-15 people there, which surely must be nearly triple the occupants of this property, and therefore more than one additional household visiting. This must mean this is also a breach of the government's current rules around social distancing and preventing the spread of Covid 19, putting our local community at unnecessary risk.

"On top of this there have been multiple people coming and going from the property all evening — loudly banging on the door, and shouting down the street. We live next door and have our windows closed and can clearly hear what they are saying and can hear them yelling out of the windows and running up and down the stairs. We first noticed this around 8pm and it has continued so far until now, approx 10.30pm."

The resident says he has made a complaint to UoB and reported the incident to the police as anti-social behaviour.

(Email, 13 July 2020, 22:13, hw)


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