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► Ashgrove, 5 Oct: Beat music at 1-30am

(18009) Group of about 10 people partying in hall-floor front room of house on south side of road at 1.30am, beat music, windows open. I asked for the music to be turned off and after brief discussion, it was. Start time not known. UoB students. Although the music was not very loud, I will send a report to the university. I hung around for a few minutes to ensure the music did not immediately go back on. During this time, two very drunk males came out of the house, ventured into Hampton Park, then decided to return. Unable to identify the house they had just left, they ascended the steps to [a different house] (which was in darkness) and knocked at the door. Rather than have someone at [the house] woken up to find two drunks requesting entry, I redirected them to the brightly lit No. [xx] where they were let back in.


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