Go to court under Section 82, EPA 1990

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Summary: There is a little-known option under  ​Section 82 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 whereby residents can take a complaint of statutory noise nuisance directly to a magistrates’ court, without involving the council.


If satisfied that a nuisance has been caused, the court can impose a noise abatement notice (future breach of which would be a criminal offence) and/or levy a fine. It is a relatively simple process, though little used, probably because so few people know about it. The process might not be quick; then again, it might well be quicker in achieving a resolution than any equivalent procedure under the EPA that involved the council.


The biggest practical difficulty I foresee is that (I assume) you will need to provide the names and address of the people causing the nuisance, so that the court can issue a summons requiring them to attend a hearing. Read on:

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Version: September 2019

This page presents my advice. Users must make their own judgment. If you complain in person to people creating noise, try to remain calm and business-like, and avoid inflammatory words or action.