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► Alexandra Park, 8 Aug: ‘Big crowd, loud music’

(19001) Large gathering, starting at 3pm and continuing into evening, with disturbance until 2am, at house at Alexandra Park/Chandos Road junction, 8/9 August 2019.

Two residents complained to the universities. UWE says occupants are UoB students. No immediate response from UoB, possibly due to staff change. (There has since been a subsequent complaint, and UoB has responded. See incident 19002.)

Resident 1: “The noise could be clearly heard inside our flat, and prevented our two children from sleeping. At 10pm, I went round to ask them to turn the music down …The music was turned down, but then started again half an hour later. My wife went round at 11.30pm and again at 12.15am … The music finally stopped at 1am, but the loud banging and shouting carried on till 2am.” (Email 9 Aug 15:12)

Resident 2: “I counted at least 30 going in between 23.00 and midnight. There was … loud banging on the door and then loud music. We had to be up at 6.30 … we did not sleep much last night.” (Email 9 Aug 14:11)

Note: This house was the subject of a series of complaints in 2018-19, when occupied by UWE students. (Incidents reports 18002 and 18005).

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