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► Highbury Villas, 8 Jun: 'Very loud PA'

(18091) Daytime party at Highbury Villas, loudspeakers positioned outside house near junction with St Michael's Hill, directing music across the street to a small open area where students were gathered, drinking. Saturday, 8 June, 2019.

Two residents emailed me about this event. One has since filed a complaint with the University of Bristol.

The party lasted from before 1pm, when I received the first email, until some time around 5pm.

In her complaint to UoB, the resident cites "over 30 students and a very loud PA ... The students are drinking in the street." She also said "... the noise is excessive and intimidating, and a friend of mine who is a local resident has asked them to keep the noise down and they have not taken her concerns seriously."

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