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► Brighton, 8 Jun: 'Noise caused headache'

(18092) Daytime party, extending into the evening, at student house on the east side of Brighton Road on Saturday, 8 June 2019.

Two residents have complained to the University of Bristol about this event, which lasted from early afternoon to nearly midnight.

A Lansdown Road resident says the students held a party in their garden and "played loud beat music through speakers from at least 2pm." Her house backs on to theirs. She found the noise "intolerable".

"It prevented us being able to sit in our garden that afternoon and evening as we could not hold a conversation at normal volume. Despite all windows being closed the music pervaded the house and meant my 16-month-old would not settle to sleep.

"We could hear the music above the television and conversation when sitting on the other side of the house. ... By late afternoon and well into the evening, there were over 30 people drinking and shouting to be heard over the music in their garden. I took painkillers as the noise had induced a headache."

She went round to complain at 9pm. The music was turned down, but later was "cranked up" again.

A Brighton Road resident has also submitted a complaint to UoB. Additionally, he contacted Operation Beech at 9-30pm and again at 11pm, and police officers attended, although by that stage the party had moved from the garden into the house.

A third resident, who lives further away but could hear the noise in his own property, went to talk to the students at about 11-30pm and the house was subsequently quiet.

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