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Have Your Say: Council tax

From a Chandos-area resident, 21 Jan 2019:

"I think I'm correct in saying that HMO and all student households are exempt from paying council tax. Likewise, so is the property owner. So, for areas like ours, the council is losing massive amounts of base tax revenue to fund the running of the city. However, these households arguably use more services than most residential households due to their excessive waste, littering and [the] like. Considering the current financial situation at Bristol City Council it seems logical to me that a change in local law whereby landlords of student accommodation should pay the council tax for their properties would make a whole lot of sense. What's your view on this?


AW comments: I agree this loss needs to be made good somehow, but I suspect it needs a change to national, rather than local, legislation. A recent article by the student newspaper Epigram puts the cost of the exemption at £12.9 million (read down to the middle of the article). I assume that's per year. As you can see, there's a debate as to who should pay ... The loss of this money inevitably means the council and the police aren't keen to deal with issues such as student noise—the cost of doing so could simply add to their financial pressures.

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