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The Noise Pages in the media

This is a list of articles by other media about, or mentioning, The Noise Pages. The inclusion of an article here doesn't mean I approve of the content.

Epigram (student newspaper, online and print) *

4 Feb 2019

Noise complaint website 'does little to encourage community cohesion' says University #


Does The Noise Pages put student safety at risk?

# The heading in the print edition was different; see article at link below.

* I wrote a separate post about this coverage: see:

Prof Brady to The Noise Pages: 'I do not find anti-social behaviour by students acceptable'


Bristol 24/7 (online newspaper)

21 Dec 2018


Bristol Post (online edition)

16 Dec 2018

Students blame noise complaint website for spate of burglaries, by Krishnan Davis

9 Dec 2018

'This morning I had to sluice vomit from my front path' - Redland man starts documenting student parties on 'The Noise Pages', by Krishnan Davis

The Guardian (online edition)

6 Dec 2018

Down with 'studentification': how cities fought for their right not to party, by Peter Beech

The Tab (online student newspaper)

3 Dec 2018

Student house burgled after address reported to The Noise Pages, by Zanna Spencer

15 Nov 2018

We interviewed the man behind The Noise Pages to answer all your questions, by James Cridland

6 Nov 2018

Let’s face it, The Noise Pages won’t stop student house parties, by Bertie Crawford

19 Oct 2018

Bristol Uni students could be fined £100 for noisy house parties, by Danny Shaw

12 Oct 2018

The best stories from the ‘The Noise Pages’: Where a Bristol resident complains about uni house parties, by Danny Shaw

Epigram (student newspaper, online and print)

17 Oct 2018

Number of noise complaints about students in private housing goes up by 52%, by Lucy Downer

UBTV (student video documentary unit)

14 Nov 2018

YouTube video, The Noise Pages

Make sure you watch this till the credits roll, for a wonderful example of student mentality :-)


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