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► Ashgrove, 6 Oct: 'The noise disrupted our sleep'

(18011) Party at house on north side of street, first observed at 00:05am Saturday. Lots of people outside the house on the steps and in the garden. Loud voices and occasional shouting (which I had been able to hear from within my house for some time previously). Music audible from the street (but not very loud), with more people visible in upper rooms of the house.

At about 1.50am (after I had returned from Waverley and Ravenswood Roads—see separate reports), I noted there were still 10 people talking/shouting on the steps and outside the property. The music was not very loud. At 2am I spoke to a young woman who told me there are two households at the house (which is quite large) and she was responsible for the party upstairs. The music had been turned down and windows closed because two residents had been to complain. She did not know many of the people who were outside—they were part of the other household. She said she would try to get her guests inside and quieten things down further. I waited around for a while, and it did seem to get quieter, so I went home. Then at about 2.20am there was a further burst of sustained shouting. When I went out again, it appeared this was caused by people leaving the property, some of whom were waiting for their Ubers. (This is a very typical pattern.) The students are with the University of Bristol.

I distributed leaflets on Saturday afternoon to houses in Ashgrove Road and in Westfield Park, to the side and rear of No. [xx], asking who had been affected. Excerpts from replies to date:

Resident, Ashgrove Road:

"I certainly heard the party which only quietened down after 2.30 am."

Resident, Ashgrove Road:

"Yes we were affected by this event. Earplugs were required to block it until it ended. ... We expect noise at the start of the new academic year but this should never be tolerated to the level we experienced last night."

Follow-up: I will be submitting a complaint to UoB because this incident affected me personally. If I have time I will also contact the landlord—I have complained about this property in at least one previous year.

Update, 09/10/18: Adding two further responses (below) and updating the follow-up: UoB has acknowledged my complaint and called the students to a disciplinary meeting. Additional responses received:

Resident, Westfield Park

"We were kept awake by the party."

Resident, Ashgrove Road

"We were both affected ... until around 2am. The noise was very loud and disrupted our sleep."

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