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► Brighton, 30 Sep: Noisy party after 1am

(18003) Loud music and raised voices noted at about 00:05am. Loudest at rear of property, facing backs of houses in Cowper Road. Still noisy after 1am. I spoke to people at the house and after some discussion the music was turned off and about 10-15 people left the property, albeit noisily. I subsequently leafleted surrounding houses. Four replies received as of 01/10/18: two didn't hear the party; one heard the students leaving at about 1-45am; one did hear the party, and also cites previous recent disturbances both at this property and at No. [x] Brighton Road, but doesn't want to pursue a formal complaint to the university at this time. Students are with UoB. Further follow-up: None at this time unless a resident wishes to make a complaint.

(Updated as of 11.05am, 01/10/18, to clarify time of event and add information about responses.)

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