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Party Notices -- What to Do

Students often tell their neighbours in advance that they're planning to have a party, either by knocking on doors or putting notes through letterboxes. So why do some of these events come as such a shock to residents and end up causing so much distress? The answer seems to be that these two groups have completely different expectations and ideas about what's involved. No one likes to be a kill-joy, so residents may be reluctant to object outright; they might also assume (because to them it seems common sense) that some moderation will be shown. The students, conversely, may assume that unless they hear an emphatic objection, then no one is too bothered, and they're clear to go ahead. Then they bring in heavy-duty sound equipment, which may not be what the residents expected at all, and the scene is set for an event that goes on into the early hours of the morning -- 4am or 5am is typical -- and may attract large numbers of people. How do we avoid this? The best way is to talk to the students as soon as you receive their notice. A hard core will go ahead whatever you say, but the more reasonable ones might simply not have thought about it from your point of view. Read more here ...



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