Incidents (Summer 2020)

Comments: If you wish to comment on an incident reported here, please email (Please cite the full street address; I won't publish the house number but I need it to match your comments to the correct incident.)

To search for specific incidents, go to the Blog page (top menu) and use the filter controls there. Note that because of limitations with the display software of this site, incidents have to be categorised in batches of 50: eg, "2019-20, 1-50" and "2019-20, 51-100" etc. However, for search purposes, it is generally more effective to select a subject tag, such as "Ashgrove" for Ashgrove Road. The word Road is generally omitted from tags. So "Hampton"= Hampton Road, as opposed to "Hampton Park".

Information sources: I gather information from my own observations or via emails from residents. Some reports are a combination of the two. Reports are sometimes updated when further information comes to light.

I try where possible to have at least two sources for each incident. That could include my own observation. I may accept a single resident email for a smaller event if the email is a copy of a complaint to a university. I occasionally report street-noise that I have observed, and for these reports I may be the sole source.

Incidents (full list for 2019-20)

Incident list for 2018-19

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