Complaints rise as lockdown lull fades ... UoB students defy warning ... community liaison

SUMMARY Noise complaints are rising again after a two-month hiatus. An emergency-services worker says he and his key-worker partner are suffering the effects of repeated disturbance from student houses in Hampton Road and Aberdeen Road. ■ Residents say students who left the city when lockdown began have in some cases returned to their rented houses and are socialising in breach of restrictions. This appears to defy a public warning to UoB students in March, threatening fines of up to £800 for failure to follow social-distancing rules. Read more ... ■ I have urged the University of Bristol to rethink its decision to disband the Community Liaison Group. In a letter to Vice Chancellor Prof. Hu

Students' return challenges UoB policy on lockdown compliance

Recent noise complaints suggest students may be breaching lockdown restrictions and could be running the risk of disciplinary action by the University of Bristol. An emergency-services worker who complained about disturbance from a house in Hampton Road says: "I am also concerned about the fact they appear to be having other students visit their property at this time with the Covid restrictions still in place." Another resident, complaining about noise in Arlington Villas, says: "When lockdown began all went very quiet with most [students] heading to their parents' homes. But for some reason, despite no change to restrictions on going to second homes, a load of them have returned. Not only h

► Hampton, May 28: 'Blasting music, smell of weed'

(19074) A resident who works for one of the emergency services says he and his partner are suffering a "downward turn" in their health and wellbeing because of noisy students. The resident lives on Hampton Road near the junction with Aberdeen Road and has complained to UoB about activity at two student houses nearby. In an email sent just after 9pm on May 28, he says: "Yet again this evening we have been subject to (so far) 3 hours worth of blasting music from [xx] Hampton Road and at least 10 people in their garden as well as the smell of weed." (Email, May 28, 2020. 21:07) The resident told UoB in an earlier email that since he moved into the area almost six months ago "I have had numerous

► Aberdeen, May 26: 'Party late into night'

(19073) Three residents have complained about noise disturbances from a student house in Aberdeen Road, near the junction with Hampton Road, on and around May 26, 2020. The first resident, writing on May 27, cites "general noise in the day yesterday turning into a party in the evening and late into the night. Visibility of the garden not great, but seemed to have a bonfire ... Today: Constant noise. Lots of activity in garden including unpermitted felling/pruning of trees (presumably for another bonfire or to create space for [another] party). (Email, May 27, 2020, 13:37) The second resident says the late-night party "seemed to be a large gathering in their garden which went on into the earl

► Arlington Villas, May 24: 'Unable to sleep'

(19072) A resident has complained about noise from "a small party" at a student flat in Arlington Villas on the weekend of May 23-24, 2020. In a letter to the managing agents, she says: "As you can imagine when lockdown began all went very quiet with most of your tenants on the street heading to their parents' homes, but for some reason, despite no change to restrictions on going to second homes, a load of them have returned. Not only have they returned but they are enjoying the freedoms of no uni to attend to enjoy themselves. Whilst I have no issue with people making the best of this situation, I am getting fairly annoyed that for the second [weekend] in a row I'm unable to get to sleep as

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