► Cowper, Mar 5: 'Noise, cannabis'

(19071) A resident in Cowper Road has again complained to UoB about noise from a student house that frequently produces loud music, keeping her two children awake. The resident said: "They play loud music constantly all night and it’s keeping my 9 & 2 year old children up ... my 9 year old has school ... and it’s affecting her school life due to the noise next door. I am 8 months pregnant and struggling to sleep with their noise." She also complains of a smell of cannabis from the house and says she brought her daughter home one day to find a student sat on the front steps "smoking cannabis in front of the whole street." Also, she said: "They had a party two days ago and there were boys stoo

► Waverley, Feb 28: 'Flashing disco lights'

(19070) A resident texted Operation Beech, the police patrol funded by UoB, after hearing loud music and voices, accompanied by "flashing disco lights", at a student house near the western end of Waverley Road on Friday, February 28, 2020. "Fearing the worst, I texted [Beech] at 10.30pm, which they responded to within a couple of minutes. No more than 10-15 minutes later, following a visit by officers, everything went quiet again." (Email, Mar 8, 2020. 15:58)

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