► Hampton, Jan 30: 'Woken at 3am'

(19058) I was woken by groups of people shouting in Hampton Road just after 3am on Thursday, Jan 30, 2020. The first group apparently went into the student house next to me. The second, a few moments later, walking north on the east side of the road, consisted of three people of student age frolicking drunkenly in the street. I went back to bed, only to be disturbed shortly afterwards by a third set of voices. AW (Corrected 03/02/2020: Date changed to Thu, Jan 30, from Wed, Jan 29)

► Ashgrove, Jan 29: 'Large group, shouting'

(19057) Large group of students shouting on the street in Ashgrove Road at around 11pm on Wed, Jan 29, 2020. Observed by both of the residents who complained about a party at a student house in the street several days earlier (see report 19054). The Ashgrove Road resident mentioned in that report said: "Today, a large group of students left the same property around 11pm, shouting loudly for 10 minutes before moving on." (Email: Jan 29, 2020, 23:44) -

► Ravenswood, Jan 29: 'Bedlam on our doorstep'

(19056) A resident in Ravenswood Road has complained to UoB about disturbance caused when students left a house near on Wed, Jan 29, 2020, after what may have been a pre-drinks party. She writes: "At around 11.00 pm we started hearing groups of people in the street talking loudly, shouting and apparently kicking bins/recycling boxes. "A succession of taxis arrived, accompanied by the repeated slamming of car doors. One car parked in front of our house at around 11.30 pm with loud music blaring out. "I looked out of the window at 11.40 pm and saw a group of people leaving number [xx], some of them carrying bottles (of alcohol?) and, after a few minutes, get into a taxi. Five minutes later ano

► Hampton Park, Jan 28: 'Noise every night'

(19055) A resident of Hampton Park, near the junction with Cotham Hill, has written to UoB complaining about frequent street noise. She asks the university to send out a "round robin" reminder to students to be quiet when they're walking home after a night out. In her email, sent just after 5am on Jan 28, she says: "Since last Friday I have not had a full night’s sleep—any night!—due to continuous disturbance throughout the night. "Last term, such disturbance was minimal ... It is not caused thus far by students living nearby but by students returning home talking very loudly and on many occasions female students screaming loudly! "This behaviour this week has been—it is still happening as I

► Ashgrove, Jan 25: 'Noisy party'

(19054) Two residents have complained about disturbance from a student party in Ashgrove Road on Sat/Sun, January 25/26, 2020. An Ashgrove resident wrote to UoB: "The party started in the late hours of the afternoon on Saturday ... finishing at 2am on Sunday. We live in the house on the opposite side of the road. "Music was so loud that I had visit the property on 2 occasions and ask for the music to be turned down. On both occasions students turned the music down for short period of time before raising the volume back up again. "Multiple times during the night, party-goers went outside smoking, drinking alcohol and shouting loudly." (Email: Jan 29, 2020, 23:44) A Hampton Road resident wrote

► Hampton Park, Jan 25: 'Kept awake'

(19053) A resident has written to both UoB and UWE after being disturbed by a student party in Hampton Park in the early hours of Saturday, Jan 25, 2020. He writes: "It's 02.44 am ... and I am being kept awake by party noise at [xx] Hampton Park, Bristol. The noise is made worse by the fact the residents are leaving the front door open and people are spilling out into the street. ... Please can you check your address register to see if [xx] Hampton Park is occupied by students at your university and caution them about their anti-social behaviour ... I have to be at work by 8.00am in the morning and have so far not had any sleep." (Email: Jan 25, 2020, 02:44) -

Cotham Vale resident seeks help opposing HMO application

(Updated 03/02/2020 in third and ninth paragraphs to reflect deadline extension to Feb. 19 and latest tally of objections.) A Cotham Vale resident is asking for support in preventing the house next door receiving planning approval as an HMO (House of Multiple Occupation). Sarah Cuthill says more than 40% of properties in the street are already designated as HMOs, and the point of licensing was to ensure that “overburdened areas like ours are afforded some protection”. She’s asking people to register objections with the city planning department by February 19. Her letter to residents appears at the end of this article. Other residents have also come out against the application. Their attempt

Noise numbers show quieter trend ... bid for new HMO rules ... UoB disbands liaison forum

SUMMARY The good news as we enter 2020 is that noise incidents are down so far this academic year, according to records kept by The Noise Pages. The site logged 52 incidents in the autumn term, almost the same as a year earlier, but they came from a wider area. Incidents declined in the "core" area of Chandos, and parties were down across all areas. Read more .... Most noise incidents are associated with HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation), so what happens with HMO planning and licensing rules is crucial to the future of student noise. Proposals to tighten the rules on the creation of new HMOs were derailed last year. Local councillors are now part of efforts to revive them. Read more ....

Councillors Stevens and Negus push for tighter HMO rules

Clifton Down and Cotham councillors are trying to accelerate efforts to tighten controls on new HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation), the shared housing popular with students. With the University of Bristol planning to bring thousands of additional students into the city over the next few years, there’s concern new HMOs might be created in residential areas that already have large student populations, as well as in areas near the new satellite campus at Temple Meads. The city council wants to avoid “harmful concentrations” of HMOs by tightening up the criteria that planning applications must meet. “Sandwiching” will be banned, so that families don’t end up with an HMO either side of them. An

Whisper it softly—it's quieter, Noise Pages records show

(See correction in 3rd paragraph, 31/01/2020) This academic year has so far been quieter than the previous one, according to analysis of complaint emails sent to The Noise Pages. Although the total number of incidents logged in the autumn term was almost the same as a year ago—52, compared with 53—the latest figure encompassed reports from a wider area, reflecting increasing interest in the website over the past 12 months. Several Clifton residents sent in reports this time round. The quieter trend is obvious in figures for the Chandos area, which has the biggest concentration of students. Its total incidents dropped to 23 from 29. To the west of Hampton Road, the Ashgrove Road area produced

UoB Disbands Liaison Forum, Seeks ‘Relaunch’ of Student Partnership

The University of Bristol has called time on its twice-yearly liaison meetings with residents groups as part of changes to the way it handles community relations. These could involve a relaunch of an alternative body, the Bristol Student Community Partnership, which the university is discussing with the city council. Although UoB says it will maintain “close contact” with residents’ organisations, the implications of the changes are as yet unclear. Chandos Neighbourhood Association has expressed concern that residents’ voices may be lost in the change. Expressing disappointment at the “apparent demise” of the Community Liaison Group, Chandos chair Diana Swain said: “I hope the university wil

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