► Roslyn, Dec 14: 'Like living near a student bar'

(19052) Second complaint, a week after the first, about a student house in Roslyn Road. (See here for earlier incident.) A resident has written to UoB: "There was another party at No. [xx] on Saturday night (14 December 2019). Lots of noise disturbance from guests going in and out of the property all throughout the evening, especially from the constant knocking loudly on the door and shouting to be let in. "There were also groups of drunk students smoking and drinking on the steps outside the property all evening, whooping and shouting. I texted Operation Beech at 11pm and requested they attend. They were there within 10 minutes, which was impressive .... I heard the host say 'don’t worry we

► Ravenswood, Dec 13: 'Woken at 2am'

(19051) Loud music and singing in the early hours of Friday, December 13, 2019, from a student house in Ravenswood Road. A resident has complained to UoB: "I was woken at 02:00 this morning ... by loud music and loud voices coming from number [xx]. I got up, got dressed and went over to the house. The living room window was fully open and two people were leaning out of it talking loudly. I asked them to close the window and keep the noise down. "They closed the window but it didn't make much difference to the noise level so I rang the doorbell. No one answered. ... I could hear the students singing 'We're having the time of our lives'. I rang the door bell again. The singing got louder ... S

► St Michael's Hill, Dec 9: 'Music pumping thru walls'

(19050) A resident has complained to UoB about a party at a student house on St Michael's Hill on Mon/Tue, December 9/10, 2019. She wrote: "It is after 2.00 am and the music is pumping through the walls between [xx] and my house ... I have to be up at 7.00 am!! Having taken mobile numbers and texted the students, the party is still going on. I have been round and knocked twice but to no avail. They are refusing to answer the door. What bit of terraced housing do they not get? I feel as if I’m inside a club. "We were informed yesterday by the students ... that there was to be a party tonight. We asked as it is a working day that the music is switched off by 12.00 and other noise by 1.00 am. "

► Cowper, Dec 8: 'Lost sleep affects kids at school'

(19049) Mother complains her children are being kept awake by frequent loud music from a student house in Cowper Road. A resident wrote on Dec 9: "I constantly have loud parties coming from [xx] Cowper Road to the point it is waking my poor little children up and they can not sleep! I complained and knocked on the door at 00:17am and told them my daughter has school in the morning, and turn it down. They simply ignored it and turned it up! My husband knocked at 02:58am and said, 'Enough now, it’s seriously ridiculous', but again fell on deaf ears. They didn’t turn it down and kept my children up all night, which had a massive effect on their school today." (Email: Dec 9, 2019. 21:27) She has

► Stanley, Dec 7: 'Loud, thumping bass'

(19048) Two residents have complained about noise from a student house in Stanley Road on Sat/Sun, 7/8 December 2019. Resident 1 says she went round to complain at 11:35pm because of a "loud, insistent, thumping bass", and found another neighbour already talking to students at the door. After asking them to turn it down, she went to bed but could hear the same noise again at half past midnight. (Email: Dec 8, 2019. 12:25) Resident 2 says he was the other person referred to, and cites frequent noise problems in the street. "Despite the two universities' attempts to control antisocial behaviour, I have found the noise levels the worst they have ever been this year. I’m losing the will to raise

► Roslyn, Dec 7: 'Kept awake by party'

(19047) Beat music and noise from party guests at student house in Roslyn Road on Saturday, 7 December 2019, continuing into the early hours of Sunday morning. A resident has complained to UoB: "The noise started early in the evening, with a continuous stream of guests knocking on the front door and then the party hosts welcoming their guests by screaming each time they opened the door. "As the evening went on and as guests came and went, the noise was more disruptive. I tried to get an early night but was kept awake by the noise. "At around 10.30pm I heard two females leave the party and they stopped right outside my property ... I looked out of my bedroom window to find that one of them wa

► Roslyn, Dec 3: 'So loud we can't relax'

(19046) Repeat complaint about a student house in Roslyn Road by next-door neighbour who says her family suffer "unbearable" noise two to three times a week, despite having spoken to the students numerous times. She wrote to UoB: "There is often a group that gathers in the first-floor living room, which is adjacent to ours, and they talk very loudly at the top of their voices, often screaming and shouting over each other .... Before they go out [at night] there is always a lot of thumping and running up and down the stairs and slamming of doors. "We live in a Victorian terraced house and unfortunately the walls between the properties are thin. It can get so loud that we are unable to relax i

► Hampton, Nov 29: 'Party woke my child'

(19045) Two residents have reported being disturbed by a house party which lasted until the early hours of the morning in Hampton Road, near the junction with Waverley Road, on Fri/Sat, Nov 29/30, 2019. A resident in Warwick Road says noise continued through the night until past 7am, and was "loud enough to disrupt my children's sleep. My youngest (3 1/2 years old) woke up at 3 and then couldn't get back to sleep for an hour due to noise." (Email: Nov 30, 2019. 19:44) Another resident, who lives in Waverley Road, said in a complaint to UoB: "This Friday from 7.30pm ... there was a party/ social gathering until 4.45am the following morning. The occupants and their friends seem to be completel

► Woodstock, Nov 29: 'Noise in street'

(19044) A resident reports noise in Woodstock Avenue on consecutive nights. He writes: "Thursday, [Nov 28] there was a party in Waverley Road—couldn’t identify which house, but noisy students in our road [Woodstock] till 2.30am. "Friday, there was noise from No. [xx] Woodstock Ave and in the road till 2am." (Email, Nov 29, 2019. 22:57)

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