► Hampton, Nov 28: 'Woken 4 times'

(19043) A resident reports being disturbed on several successive nights by noisy groups on the street near the junction of Hampton Road and Abbotsford Road. At just after midnight on Mon/Tue, Nov 25/26, she wrote: "Have yet again been woken by a group of rude students, seemingly largely women from their voices, wandering up Hampton Road. Why they so often choose to stop in this area to shout at each other I cannot fathom." (Email: Nov 26, 2019. 00:22) A day later, she reported being woken by "a large gaggle of loud, obnoxious, largely female young (student-aged) people making lots of the usual noise: singing, chatting very loudly, occasionally inexplicably shrieking, on and on and on." (Emai

► Hampton Park, Nov 26: 'Slamming doors'

(19042) A resident reports being woken two weeks running by students coming and going noisily late at night from a house in Hampton Park. He wrote on Thursday, Nov 26: "I got woken up several times between midnight and [3 or 4 am] by people coming and going to the property. The usual anti-social loud talking, slamming doors etc." A few nights previously, at shortly after midnight on Wed/Thu, Nov 20/21, he recorded: "It’s party time again and I was just woken up by a large group leaving the house shouting and repeatedly slamming doors. I opened the curtains to see what’s going on, when one individual was about to urinate in our garden!" [Email, Nov 26, 2019. 07:33]

► Alexandra Park, Nov 22: 'Multiple disturbances'

(19041) A resident has complained, again, to UoB about several recent noise disturbances from a student house at the end of Chandos Road. This is the third set of complaints about this property since August; the house was also the subject of several complaints in the previous academic year, when it was occupied by UWE students. (Previous incidents, in reverse order: 19002, 19001, 18005, 18002.) The resident writes: "Last Friday, 22 November, there was loud music coming from the house from early evening until 1am, and then at 4.30am I was woken up by loud music again and that lasted until just before 6am on Saturday morning. "The previous Friday, 15 November, they also had a party with loud n

► Roslyn, Nov 18: 'Woken by shouting'

(19040) Three residents report noisy groups in Roslyn Road at various times during the night of Monday, November 18, 2019. Resident 1 cites "groups of students walking down the road shouting at the top of their voices and also singing at around 2.30am, on and off for 30 minutes as separate groups arrived. It initially woke me and my husband ... We then heard loud knocking on a door further down the road. It appears that they all went into a house ... More shouting at tops of voices at around 5.30am when they all left the house in separate groups. All in all we were woken up about 5 or 6 times." (Email Nov 19 2019, 08:17) Resident 2 reports "about 20 or so students standing on the corner of R

► St Paul's Road, Nov 16: 'No sleep till 4am'

(19039) Loud party at student flat in St. Paul's Road, Clifton, near Oakfield Place, on Saturday/Sunday, 16/17 November 2019, which lasted until 4am. Two residents have complained to UoB. Resident 1 describes the event as "a large loud party ... The noise was from the house and the garden—the noise in the garden included shouting at top volume. We got no sleep until 4am, when the noise stopped." (Email Nov 17 2019 12:34) Resident 2 writes: "Both the music and the shouting and screaming by the participants were excessive, making sleep difficult and ensuring that we were constantly being woken up. When we went round with a neighbour to express our concerns and to explain that this behaviour is

► Manor Park, Nov 15: 'Very loud noise in garden'

(19038) Party at student house in Manor Park, near Redland Road, late in the evening of Friday, November 15, 2019. (Second complaint against this property.) A resident has complained to UoB: "Yesterday evening we were subjected to very loud noise coming from the garden of [xx] Manor Park. There seemed to be a party in the garden with loud music and extremely loud talking and shouting that we could hear from our flat, even with the windows closed. "This noise commenced before 10pm and became increasingly louder. It finished at some point between midnight and 1am ... we estimate there were approximately 15-20 people in the garden. There could well have been more in the house ..." "It is incre

► Hampton, Nov 14: 'Making noise for fun'

(19037) Group, assumed to be students, causing disturbance in Hampton Road near junction with Abbotsford Road in the early hours of Thursday, November 14, 2019. A resident reports: "I've just been woken from a very sound sleep by a group of drunk students shrieking and shouting outside my flat at [xx] Hampton Road. They were making this noise for the sheer fun of it, while simultaneously banging on cars. Then they disappeared up the road, and I am now, yet again, awake." (Email Nov 14, 2019, 2:04am)

Police patrols ... Leeds bid to curb street parties ... UoB expansion

SUMMARY ► Operation Beech, the police anti-noise patrol funded by the University of Bristol, is now taking a scheduled break until mid-December. See here for the December dates and the number to text when the patrols are next in operation. ► What can we learn from other parts of the country that are also trying to curb student noise? Operation Beech was itself inspired by a similar project in Newcastle. The city council in Leeds is taking a different approach, with bans on public drinking, open-air street parties and poor management of household waste in areas popular with students. Read more here … ► In Bristol, meanwhile, there are concerns that UoB’s expansion plans could add to our noise

Leeds targets student drinking, street parties and waste issues

Leeds City Council plans to bring in orders that would ban open-air street parties and public drinking in areas of the city with big student populations. The orders would also make it an offence to dump rubbish in the street and fail to manage household waste bins. As the Yorkshire Evening Post reports, the council plans to issue Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs), which are among the measures introduced by the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. According to the report, the issues residents had to contend with included a 12-hour student party in the Headingley district in May and a large event in the Hyde Park area in June that was eventually broken up by police. Details

► Lansdown, Nov 11: 'Prevented sleep'

(19036) Large group of students making noise as they left a house on the west side of Lansdown Road at about midnight on Monday, Nov 11, 2019. A resident has complained to UoB: "The loud noise went on for about 15 minutes—mercifully short for this kind of incident—but the disturbance prevented sleep and left me on edge, wondering if this was just the start of more comings and goings. And it isn’t the first time this has happened at number [xx]. "It’s disappointing to write this message, because over the last few weeks the students locally have been pretty good. Not perfect of course, but so good that a couple of days ago I almost wrote to say whatever it is the UoB is now doing to educate st

► Hampton, Nov 8: 'Endless screaming'

(19035) Large group of students shouting on Hampton Road, near Abbotsford Road, on evening of Friday, Nov 8, 2019. A resident reported: "They are literally shrieking as loud as they can, for no apparent reason, unceasingly as they slowly migrate up the street. No singing, no chatting, just shrieking and screaming and the occasional loud but unintelligible shouting of words. It's inscrutable, but quite intentionally anti-social.... It's actually been ongoing now for quite a while. It's not just a passing group that fades away as the wander up the street (which is bad enough). They seem to be hanging out, perhaps near the [petrol] station? And the volume is weirdly constant, as if they are doi

Could university expansion make our noise problems worse?

COMMENT: Student noise has become more of a problem in recent years as the University of Bristol has increased its intake. More students, more noise. With the university planning further big expansions, what are the chances things might get worse? This question breaks down into two more: how many more students will there be, and where will they live? The first sounds simple enough, but recent correspondence I’ve had with UoB raises some doubt. A key council document anticipates UoB’s growth will require 6,400 extra “bed spaces” by 2028. But Prof. Guy Orpen, the deputy vice-chancellor who leads for UoB on its expansion plan, says in a letter to me they are aiming to grow to 30,000 students, a

Operation Beech police patrols resume after Halloween pause

Police patrols aimed at curbing student noise resume this week, starting on Tuesday for Guy Fawkes Night and continuing on Friday and Saturday (Nov 8 and 9). 'Operation Beech' was paused last week during Halloween and the weekend because of other police commitments. The operation is paid for by the University of Bristol. Residents have welcomed the patrols, which can be contacted by text (see info panel) when noisy student parties cause disturbance. Halloween passed off without too many complaints. The university had earlier distributed a letter warning about “the pitfalls of believing a house party would be a good choice for a social event.” From end-September to Oct 19, Operation Beech rec

► Collingwood, Nov 2: 'Screaming at 5-20'

(19034) A resident has complained to UoB about noise at a student house in Collingwood Road, near Melville Road, in the early hours of Saturday, November 2, 2019. She said, "At 12.15 I had to move to another bedroom as they had some noisy gathering in the kitchen facing the garden. ... However, I was woken up at 5.20 this morning (they were screaming in front of their front door)." She asked them to be quiet but one of the students was abusive in response. Other neighbours had also been woken up. She later received an apology from the students. (Email, 3 Nov 2019, 5:45)

► Eaton Crescent, 31 Oct: 'Woken at 5am'

(19033) The resident who complained about parties at Arlington Villas (see Oct 25) also says he was twice disturbed by noise from flats in Eaton Crescent on Thu/Fri, October 31/November 1, 2019. The flats back on to the villas. In an email to UoB, he reported: "00:45 am: Loud party woke us up. They subsequently shut their windows but the music and shouting was still loud enough to be a nuisance. "At various stages in the night we were woken [again], the latest being 05:00, by people being noisy in the garden whilst smoking outside the building." He said it was unclear whether they were the same people who had been involved with the party earlier. (Email, 1 Nov 2019, 9:31)

► Hampton, 26 Oct: 'Beech called to parties'

(19032) Two residents have complained to UoB about multiple noisy parties on various dates at a student house in Hampton Road, near Aberdeen Road. Resident 1 said, "The household seems to have an enormous sound system and a large appetite for late-night parties with large numbers of people." He cited a series of parties during Fresher's Week (end-September) with "screaming and shouting and the loud bass" going on into the early hours. Parties continued "at least twice a week" after Freshers, despite the resident going round to complain. Having subsequently become aware of Operation Beech, the resident texted the police for help on Friday, Oct. 25, and officers closed down that night's party.

► Arlington Villas, 25 Oct: 'Loud bassy music'

(19031) A resident has complained to UoB about several parties in flats at Arlington Villas, Clifton, and at nearby property. In respect of Friday, Oct 25, he recorded, "Loud bassy music, loud groups coming to/from the party. Reported at 2304 to Operation Beech. Became quiet and then woke us again at 0400." The following night, Saturday, Oct 26, there was disturbance from a different flat in the same building: "Loud music and noisy groups. Started late (after midnight). Operation Beech notified on being woken at 01:40 but did not get a response as probably too late." See also incident 19033 at Eaton Crescent. (Email, 1 Nov 2019, 9:31) (The Operation Beech patrols end at 2am.)

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