UoB urges a quiet Halloween as Brexit interrupts police patrols

University of Bristol has urged student households to plan their Halloween celebrations so as not to cause disturbance. A letter addressed to students warns about “the pitfalls of believing a house party would be a good choice for a social event.” It was due to be distributed this week in a door-knock by student ambassadors. Halloween Night (Oct. 31) was one of the noisiest of the year in the Chandos area last year, with several parties taking place. This year, it runs into the weekend party nights of Friday and Saturday, which may also see some early Guy Fawkes celebrations. There will be no Operation Beech patrols this weekend—they were cancelled as the police put officers on standby for a

► Melville, 25 Oct: 'Police came'

(19030) A resident has complained to UoB about a student party in Melville Road on Fri/Sat, 25/26 October 2019. She reports "a very noisy party ... with about 15 party goers outside drinking and shouting after midnight. "There was no reply on the noise police number so I phoned 101 and the police came and we could sleep after that as it was quieter." (Email, 26 Oct 2019, 10:02)

► Woodfield, 25 Oct: 'Shut down by Beech'

(19029) Operation Beech police were called twice to a student party in Woodfield Road on Fri/Sat, 25/26 October 2019. Beat music from the event could be heard 65 metres away, and there was significant noise from party-goers in a back garden, which is close to a block of flats. Beech was called a second time at about 12-15am and the party was silenced shortly afterwards. A large group of students then left the property. The resident reports that "the students leaving sadly gave the officer some abuse for closing it down ... they did make a lot of noise moving on down Hampton Rd." The resident said he would send a complaint to UoB. (Email, 25 Oct 2019, 22:12)

► Ravenswood, 23 Oct: 'Intolerable'

(19028) A resident has complained to UoB about noise from a student house in Ravenswood Road on a midweek evening, Wed, 23 October 2019—and suggests the university should review its messaging on noise. She says that from 8-30pm onwards, "the noise could be heard loud and clear in our living room and bedrooms at the front of the house—a constant repetitive thumping noise that was intolerable. We had intended to spend the evening in our living room but we had to move to rooms at the back of our house in order to get away from the bass noise. We don't know when exactly the noise stopped. It was still going at 21:30 but had stopped by 23:00. "At the end of the working day, in the middle of the w

► Hampton, 23 Oct: 'Marauding groups'

(19027) Groups of people lingering in the area of the Hampton Road-Abbotsford Road junction made for a "very noisy" night on Wed, 23 October 2019, according to a resident. "There is no point my texting the police as the groups are too transient ... Marauding groups of shouting, singing students, one after the other. They hang around just long enough to wake the neighbourhood and then move on ... "This odd localised lingering makes the noise effects worse than when they are merely passing through, which is bad enough." (Email, 23 Oct 2019, 23:44)

► Alexandra Rd, 19 Oct: 'Party till 6am'

(19026) A resident has complained to UoB about a student party in Alexandra Road, off Alma Road, on Sat/Sun, 19/20 October. She says the party "ruined my Sunday as it was still thumping at 6am." (Email, 21 Oct 2019, 15:49)

► Roslyn, 19 Oct: Second complaint in week

(19025) Party at student house in Roslyn Road on Sat/Sun, 19/20 October 2019. The same house figured in a complaint (19024) two days previously and had received an email warning from UoB. The resident who made both complaints says in the latest one that the students had given advance notice of the party and promised to keep the noise down, but "this did not happen." Although the music was kept to "a moderate level", the main problem was the noise made by guests outside the house. She spoke to the students twice, at 11.30pm and again at 11.45pm. "The students did apologise and go inside each time but it was not long before there was a new group of smokers to replace them. "As I had be up earl

► Roslyn, 17 Oct: 'Woken four nights in row'

(19024) Noise from back garden of student house in Roslyn Road, west side, after 11pm on Thursday, 17 October 2019. A resident has complained to UoB: "At 11.15pm I had to call out of my bathroom window to ask the 10 or so students who were smoking and talking loudly in the back garden to be quiet, go back inside and shut the door. They had woken my 3 year old son, who was crying and was very disoriented. "At 11.45pm around 30-40 students spilled into the street, leaving to go out, shouting loudly at each other with absolutely no regard for the residents sleeping on the road. ... This is the fourth night in a row this week that I have been woken between 11pm and 12am by groups of students sho

► Eaton Crescent, 16 Oct: 'I have a 6am start'

(19023) Noise from two second-floor flats at a large block of linked properties in Eaton Crescent, Clifton, late on Wednesday, 16 October 2019. A resident texted Operation Beech, and has also complained to UoB. This came just a few days after a previous incident at the same block: He wrote: "The 2nd floor of No [xx] is again a particularly noisy gathering of loud people and music which is made worse by them having their windows fully open. It is preventing my sleep so I have moved to another room. There's also noise from the 2nd floor of [an adjacent property]." Writing at 10:45pm, he added: "The occupants seem to think it is ok to be loud and antisocial at these hours .... Whilst not late

► Woodstock, 14 Oct: 'Yelling and shouting'

(19022) A resident reports disturbance on the street involving a large group of students walking along Woodstock Avenue at around midnight on Monday, 14 October 2019. The resident, who lives in Lansdown Road, says he heard "very loud shouting, whooping and yelling typical of a large student gathering" from 11pm onwards, apparently coming from Waverley Road, on the opposite side of the railway line. At about 11-45pm he went out to investigate and after walking round to Waverley, saw students heading up the adjoining street, Woodstock Avenue, towards Ravenswood Road. He guesses they had left a house in the Waverley Road area. "The yelling and shouting matched what I’d heard earlier." (Email: 1

► High Kingsdown, 12 Oct: 'Fast Beech response'

(19021) Police from Operation Beech silenced a party at the High Kingsdown flats shortly after midnight on Sat/Sun, 12/13 October 2019. I noted loud beat music and disco lights at the flats at about 12-30am, but on a second look a few minutes later, the music was off. It appears this must have been the moment Operation Beech intervened. A resident of the flats emailed me a couple of days later to report: "I actually reported the party on Saturday night. This was around 12.15am. The patrol responded immediately and the party was shut down within 15 mins of my text—amazing." (Email: 15 Oct 2019, 22:01)

► Eaton Crescent, 12 Oct: 'Partying till 4-30am'

(19020) Party at student flat in large block of linked properties in Eaton Crescent, Clifton, in the early hours of Saturday, 12 October 2019. A resident of nearby Arlington Villas has complained to UoB about this party, first noticed around midnight. He was woken at around 2am and then again after 4am. "We were unable to sleep and I therefore had to get up and walk around to their street to try and find the flat making the noise and then try to talk to them via intercom. After some time I found the right flat and told them to be quiet and shut their windows." By this point it was about 4-30am. The resident says the students "were apologetic and turned the music off."

► Lansdown, 9 Oct: 'Music blaring out'

(19019) Loud music from student house in Lansdown Road, north end, west side, on Wed, 9 October 2019. This is the second of two complaints to UoB this night by the same resident: see also 19018. While dealing with the first incident, at about 11-45pm, she says she became aware there was disturbance from another address, too. "I noticed noisy groups at the top end of the street with taxis coming and going. On investigating I found basement windows at [xx] Lansdown Road, with loud music blaring out. I spoke to the occupants, who confirmed they were UoB students and were aware of the university's guidance. ... I asked them to close the window and turn the noise down. I think it remained quieter

► Lansdown, 9 Oct: 'Shouting, general noise'

(19018) Noise from back garden of student house in Lansdown Road, mid-section, west side, on Wed, 9 October 2019. A resident has complained to UoB about "a lot of shouting and general noise" at 11-45pm. She spoke to two people at the house, and later the occupants left. "The noise stopped shortly after but was followed by noisy groups walking down the street for about half an hour. Not surprisingly, I was woken again at about 3am by returning revellers." (Email, 10 Oct 2019, 10:36) Added, 12/10/2019: A second resident has also complained about this incident. (Email, 10 Oct 2019, 20:49) Note: UoB guidance is for gatherings to be quiet by 10pm on a week night. This resident has also complaine

► Roslyn, 7 Oct: 'Shouting, slamming doors'

(19017) Noise at student house in Roslyn Road on Mon, 7 October 2019. The resident who complained about a procession of students (see preceding report) says she was also affected by noise coming from the student house next door to her. "The students next door were also quite rowdy last night and we could hear a lot of noise coming from their living room through the adjoining walls through the evening. They were being so loud—shouting, jumping and slamming doors—that we could even hear it from our bedroom on the top floor of the house. They were also extremely loud when leaving the property at 11.45pm to get in to taxis and this kept us awake." The resident had previously reported asking the

► Roslyn, 7 Oct: 'Noisy procession of students'

(19016) Gathering at student house in Roslyn Road on weekday evening, Mon, 7 October 2019, followed by large group of students leaving noisily. A resident has complained to UoB. She says groups of students stood on the front steps and in the street for most of the evening "and long past 11pm, drinking, smoking, talking loudly and even shouting. "I went to speak to the students twice to ask them to go inside and close the door. Which they did do for about 1 minute and then it was back to the same behaviour. I was told that as it was before 11pm, they were not breaking any rules. I reminded them that 10pm was the university guideline for midweek. On the second occasion, a student who lived at

► Hampton, 5 Oct: 'Noise in garden'

(19015) People talking loudly in garden and playing music indoors at a student house in Hampton Road, near the Chandos junction, in the early hours of Sat, 5 October 2019. A resident has complained to UoB about the noise of people in the garden between 2-30am and 4am, with "very loud music" playing in the house. UoB has acknowledged the complaint and visited the students. This house was the subject of complaints in 2017-18 (see report 17001) and 2018-19 (report 18075) when occupied by different sets of students.

Operation Beech police patrols bring parties to an early end

Police have silenced several student parties in the first two weeks of Operation Beech, the night-time patrols paid for by the University of Bristol to curb student noise. Residents have reported contacting the patrols and receiving a prompt response. One says she and her husband texted Beech after a loud party started up in Archfield Road, Cotham. Officers arrived at 11-15pm and talked to the students. The music was turned down—only to go back up again after the officers left. The residents texted again and the officers returned just after midnight. This time, she says, “the music was turned off for good and the big crowd of students apparently went off to a club. Such a relief. The Beech p

► Archfield, 5 Oct: Party ends after two police visits

(19014) Loud party at student house in Archfield Road, on Sat/Sun, 5/6 October 2019. Ends after two visits from Operation Beech police. A resident contacted Operation Beech after the party started up with "a big sound system and party lights etc ... lots of students descending noisily in the road." She says her husband asked them to turn the music down, but to no effect. They texted Operation Beech at 11pm and officers arrived at 11.15. The music was turned down, but went back up again after the officers left. A second text at 11.50 brought the officers back at 12.05. "The music was turned off for good and the big crowd of students apparently went off to a club. Such a relief. The Beech patr

► Oakfield Grove, 5 Oct: 'Noise unbearable'

(19013) Loud music and shouting from student party in Oakfield Grove, Clifton, at the Arlington Villas end of the street, on Sat/Sun, 5/6 October 2019. Beech police attended. A resident has complained to UoB citing "a very high level of noise". "There was loud bass music and a lot of shouting and screaming from a backyard. I live some distance away ... but the noise was unbearable in my bedroom with the windows closed." "I texted Operation Beech at about 22:50. They were very prompt and reported at 23:11 they had attended. Unfortunately the party goers said they intended to continue partying. The Operation Beech officers said they would return in due course." The party went on until "at leas

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