► Waverley, 28 Sep: Beech police 'shut down' party

(19009) Operation Beech police respond to loud party at student house in Waverley Road, in the vicinity of Rokeby Avenue, on Fri/Sat, 28/29 September 2019. (Updated: report updated with confirmation this involved Operation Beech and students are with UoB) A resident has complained to UoB: "I was woken up at 12.30 with loud shouting, whooping and general noise in the street outside No.[xx], with noise also coming from the indoor party. My house is about 30 yards from No.[xx]. I endured it until about 1.15, when I went out to talk to them (in the pouring rain). "By that time, there were 2 police officers there who told me that they had "shut it down" and that they would return the next day whe

► Ravenswood, 27 Sep: 'Loud bass, abusive shouting'

(19008) Party at house in Ravenswood Road, near junction with Archfield Road, on Fri/Sat, 27/28 September 2019. (Updated 01/10/2019 with additional information.) A resident says: "There was a party on Ravenswood Road last night with loud bass and very abusive (seriously BAD language, not just a bit of swearing) shouting which went on till 3.30am or later." (Email 28 Sep 2019 17:31) In a subsequent complaint email to UoB, she indicates the party may have been a joint event with the adjacent house. She adds: "Apparently neighbours on Ravenswood Road were kept awake all night by the noisy drunk students going to and from this event." In her own household, the party "kept us all awake and ruined

► Manor Park, 27 Sep: 'Loud party, people in garden'

(19007) Student party at house in Manor Park, near junction with Redland Road, on Fri/Sat 27/28 September 2019. A resident has complained to UoB. She writes: "They sent a letter pre-warning us ... and we responded with a letter ... requesting, in good faith, that all noise cease after midnight. When we returned home just after 1am, the party was loud, with guests gathered in the street and music on. We exchanged a number of text messages with the residents requesting the party to end." Despite assurances, there continued to be a lot of noise—"mainly shouting and very loud conversations, including people outside in the garden"—and the party continued past 2-30am. (Email 28 Sep 2019 02:37) Not

► Lansdown, 26 Sep: 'Festival of noise'

(19006) Party at house in Lansdown Road, east side, late Thursday, 26 September 2019, followed by disturbances in the street after midnight. Two residents have sent complaints to UoB. Resident 1 writes: "Tonight a large number of students gathered at [xx] Lansdown Road for a party. There were noisy groups in the rear garden, in the house and spilling into the street. About 11.30pm I went to ask them to stop the noise and found another neighbour was already complaining to one of the student residents. " ... Fortunately he appreciated just how disturbing they were being, was very apologetic and was already in the process of asking everyone to leave. Whilst this was a good response, clearing th

► Roslyn, 25 Sep: 'Student playground'

(19005) Series of late-night disturbances in Roslyn Road, particularly on Wed, 25 September 2019. Resident writes: "And so it begins, screaming and shouting in the street and gardens, hordes of students walking done the middle of the street singing and shouting, kicking bins and throwing glass bottles into recycling bins, numerous Uber taxis arriving at all hours during the evening to take the students out and last night, the students next door also woke us up at 4.30am coming home and then proceeded to gather in their back garden making loads of noise and waking up my 3 year old son. "Roslyn Road has yet again become a student playground and we are back to going to work feeling sleep depriv

Operation Beech police patrols return as new students move in

University-funded police patrols aimed at curbing student noise resume tonight (Friday, Sep 27) and tomorrow. Residents in designated areas (see maps) can text officers if they are troubled by loud parties or noisy gatherings on the street. "Operation Beech" will operate on all Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays in October, although officers can always be pulled away to deal with emergencies. Hallowe'en night on Oct 31, which is likely to be noisy (especially if it's also Brexit night) will not be covered—it's a Thursday, and anyway the police are typically too busy on Hallowe'en to cover it. (For updates and a bigger map, see here.) During a trial run in June, the patrols comprised two offic

► Ravenswood, 25 Sep: 'Loud bass'

(19004) A resident has complained to the University of Bristol about noise at a house in Ravenswood Road on the evening of Wed, 25 September 2019. "From around 20:45 ... until 23:30 [when the students left] I was disturbed by loud bass noise, music and a group of people talking loudly. It didn't help that one of the windows in the living room of number [xx] was fully open." (Email 26 Sep 2019 08:39) Note: UoB guidelines suggest "quiet by 10pm" for midweek events. This address was the subject of complaints in 2018/19 (see incident report 18050) when occupied by different students.

► Manor Park, 25 Sep: 'Strong bass, shouting'

(19003) Party at student house in Manor Park, near junction with Redland Road, from 9pm to midnight on Wed, 25 September 2019; estimated 30-50 people in attendance. Resident has sent a complaint to both universities, pending identification. This was a midweek event—UoB guidelines suggest parties should be quiet by 10pm. Complaint states: "The noise included very loud music with a strong bass sound, loud talking, shouting, screaming. ... At around 10.45pm we went to the house to request the party stop by 11pm." They were assured that it would, but on going home heard verbal abuse being directed at their flat by people in the garden. They made a second request at 11.10pm. Noise continued until

► Alexandra Park, 21 Sep: ‘Noisy group awaiting taxis’

(19002) Repeat complaint against house at Alexandra Park/Chandos Road junction, Saturday, 21 September 2019. Resident: “[At] about 12.30 we were woken by a group of 30 plus gathered outside the gate, loudly talking/shouting while they apparently waited for taxis. … We were again woken when they returned in the small hours of the morning.” Resident complained to UoB, which said a staff member would visit the house. Note: This house was also the subject of incident report 19001 and complaints in 2018/19 (reports 18002 and 18005) when occupied by UWE students.

► Alexandra Park, 8 Aug: ‘Big crowd, loud music’

(19001) Large gathering, starting at 3pm and continuing into evening, with disturbance until 2am, at house at Alexandra Park/Chandos Road junction, 8/9 August 2019. Two residents complained to the universities. UWE says occupants are UoB students. No immediate response from UoB, possibly due to staff change. (There has since been a subsequent complaint, and UoB has responded. See incident 19002.) Resident 1: “The noise could be clearly heard inside our flat, and prevented our two children from sleeping. At 10pm, I went round to ask them to turn the music down …The music was turned down, but then started again half an hour later. My wife went round at 11.30pm and again at 12.15am … The music

The Noise Pages: year in review

The Noise Pages logged 95 incidents in academic 2018-19, comprising 52 parties, 30 cases of “general noise” associated with an address, and 13 instances of street noise, the perpetrators of which are usually not traceable. Most of these incidents were in Redland and Cotham—roughly in the areas that were later chosen for the Operation Beech police patrols. (They are basically the main noise hot-spots in this part of town.) The reports I published were based on my own observations and accounts from residents. I received 179 emails. If you were one of the people who contacted me, thanks—and keep doing so! Making this information public keeps pressure on the University of Bristol to step up its

Operation Beech ... noise data ... staff changes ... missed target

SUMMARY ► Operation Beech's university-funded police patrols aimed at quelling student noise are expected to return imminently. We await an announcement. More … ► Both universities have seen staff changes. Joni Lloyd has stepped down as community liaison manager at UoB. Gordon Scofield, her predecessor, has returned to the role. More … ► Complaints to the University of Bristol about student parties fell in academic 2018-19. However, “general noise” complaints went up (see chart on home page). More ... ► The Noise Pages documented 95 incidents over the year, helped by 179 emails from residents. More ... ► UoB's information campaigns to prepare first-years for “living out” in the community r

Police patrols ... staff changes, complaints ... missed messages

SUMMARY ► Operation Beech, comprising university-funded police patrols aimed at quelling student noise, is expected to return in time for the start of term. We await an announcement. More … ► Both the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England have seen staff changes recently. Joni Lloyd has stepped down as community liaison manager at UoB. Meanwhile, at UWE head of security Richard Barnston is now also leading the community liaison team. More … ► In her final report, Joni Lloyd told a liaison meeting with residents in July that complaints about student parties fell in academic 2018-19. However, “general noise” complaints went up (see chart on home page). More … ► The r

Parties down, other noise up in mixed report from UoB

Noise complaints against students dropped slightly in 2018-19, according to University of Bristol figures presented at a meeting with residents in July. Total noise incidents fell 6% to 205 in the year to June, compared with 218 the previous year. However, numbers for the two main categories of noise went in different directions. While complaints about parties fell 24% to 78, that improvement was partly offset by a continued rise in general-noise incidents, up 9% at 127 cases (see chart on this page). As last year, more than half of all party complaints came from Redland, but the tally dropped to 43 from 60 a year earlier. Why the drop? No official reason has been offered. The minutes of the

'Operation Beech' police patrols expected to return for new term

Operation Beech, a university-funded system of police patrols tasked to tackle student noise, is expected to make a return as the new academic year begins. A trial run that took place in June was judged a success, a University of Bristol liaison meeting with residents groups was told in July. The trial saw a mobile, two-officer patrol on duty on four nights (Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat) in each of the two weeks. Residents in known noise hot-spots were given a mobile phone number to text if they were having problems with student noise. The areas comprised Chandos Road and adjoining streets, the areas around Waverley and Ravenswood Roads, Manor Park, Highbury Villas, Ashgrove Road and two sites in Clif

Only half of students get the message on community living

Information campaigns designed to prepare first-year students for “living out” are reaching only about half of their intended audience, according to figures the University of Bristol presented at a meeting with residents in July. The community liaison team runs a number of initiatives designed to educate students about issues such as waste recycling and noise that may be important when they switch to rented accommodation in their second year. Changes made last year in the way halls of residence are managed have affected the way the “Move On, Move In” campaign is delivered. Joni Lloyd, the community liaison manager, told the meeting there had been a “different approach” this year, in which sh

All-change among university community liaison staff

Joni Lloyd has stepped down as University of Bristol’s community liaison manager after three years in the post. She told residents’ groups at the university’s liaison meeting in July she would leave in August to take up another position. As CLM, Ms Lloyd often attended residents’ meetings around the area, and was well-liked. Diana Swain, chair of the Chandos Neighbourhood Association, said in a newsletter to members that Ms Lloyd had been “very supportive”. Gordon Scofield, Ms Lloyd's predecessor, has returned to the role. (Revision: Updated 25/09/2019.) The University of the West of England, meanwhile, has asked its head of security, Richard Barnston, a former police officer, to also take r

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