► Chandos, 14 Jun: 'Beech' police attend

(18094) Loud gathering in garden or yard at rear of property in Chandos Road, near corner with Lansdown Road, shortly before midnight on Friday, 14 June 2019. The disturbance largely stemmed from the noise of people outside the property, with some music in the background. Two residents notified the event to Operation Beech. Officers attended and asked the students to move inside the property, which they did.

Police say Operation Beech doesn't aim to criminalise young people

The police have spoken publicly about Operation Beech, a trial in which the University of Bristol is paying for extra patrols to deal with student noise. Insp. Lorna Dallimore is quoted by the student newspaper Epigram as saying: "When officers come across a noisy party or any associated anti-social behaviour, they will attempt to resolve the issue without taking further steps. "We are not looking to criminalise young people or to stop them having fun, we are just reminding them to be respectful of other members of the community who they live alongside. During the trial, extra police are on duty from 8pm to 2am for a total of eight nights, ending on 15 June. Residents are told to text (0777

► Manor Park, 11 Jun: Calls to police

(18093) Loud party at student house in the northern corner of Manor Park on Mon/Tue, 10/11 June 2019, with associated disturbance and shouting in the street. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol about this event, which lasted from 11pm to 3-30am. Four other people also say they were disturbed. One called the police on 101 and officers attended. (This was a 'regular' 101 call; Operation Beech was not on duty on that evening.) The officers asked for the music to be turned down, and it was. But after they left it went back up again. The caller again contacted 101, but was told there was nothing more the police could do. The resident who wrote to UoB says the party "woke me and

► Brighton, 8 Jun: 'Noise caused headache'

(18092) Daytime party, extending into the evening, at student house on the east side of Brighton Road on Saturday, 8 June 2019. Two residents have complained to the University of Bristol about this event, which lasted from early afternoon to nearly midnight. A Lansdown Road resident says the students held a party in their garden and "played loud beat music through speakers from at least 2pm." Her house backs on to theirs. She found the noise "intolerable". "It prevented us being able to sit in our garden that afternoon and evening as we could not hold a conversation at normal volume. Despite all windows being closed the music pervaded the house and meant my 16-month-old would not settle to s

► Highbury Villas, 8 Jun: 'Very loud PA'

(18091) Daytime party at Highbury Villas, loudspeakers positioned outside house near junction with St Michael's Hill, directing music across the street to a small open area where students were gathered, drinking. Saturday, 8 June, 2019. Two residents emailed me about this event. One has since filed a complaint with the University of Bristol. The party lasted from before 1pm, when I received the first email, until some time around 5pm. In her complaint to UoB, the resident cites "over 30 students and a very loud PA ... The students are drinking in the street." She also said "... the noise is excessive and intimidating, and a friend of mine who is a local resident has asked them to keep the no

► Brighton, 6 Jun: 'Shouting in garden'

(18090) Noisy gathering in the garden of a student house on east side of Brighton Road until after 11-30pm on Thursday, 6 June 2019. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol about this event, which was also accompanied by noise in the street at various times. In an email to me, the resident says: "They were ... drinking and shouting in their garden until after 11-30." She adds that there was "a ridiculous amount of street noise" until after 00-45am, and she believes this was associated with the same house. "They were screaming, slamming what I think were doors, and singing on the street, which is clearly unnecessary." Another resident says she had to sleep with earplugs because

► Ashgrove, 7 Jun: Noise outside house

(18089) Students making noise in Ashgrove Road while waiting for a taxi at about 00-35am, Friday, 7 June 2019. Several people left a student property and gathered in the roadway, talking loudly and occasionally shouting to others still in the house. This carried on for 5-10 minutes until a taxi arrived and they left. Both before and after midnight, music loud enough to be heard across the street had been playing in the house. This stopped when the students departed. This house was previously cited in complaints about a large party in November: report.

► Collingwood, 7 Jun: Shouting in street

(18088) Large group of students whooping and shouting in Collingwood Road at about 00-10am on Friday, 7 June 2019. A group of about 16 people left a student house at the north end of Collingwood, making a lot of noise as they headed down the street into Melville and Hampton Roads, heading towards Whiteladies. The house they left was the subject of a noise complaint in November: report.

► Ashgrove, 5 Jun: 'Beech' police called

(18087) Operation Beech police called to student house in Ashgrove Road at about 11pm on Wed, 5 June 2019. In an email to me, the resident reported "excessive noise", but did not give details. He also said the students had been clambering on scaffolding, which he called "dangerous". He added: "I am really cross about the noise tonight as I have to be up really early tomorrow." He asked me for the contact number for Operation Beech, which I passed to him. A police car attended a few minutes later. Operation Beech is eight nights of extra police patrols, targeted specially at student noise in the post-exams period and paid for by the University of Bristol. See here for details.

► St Ronan's, 3 Jun: 'Noise in garden'

(18086) Students causing disturbance at around midnight in back garden of house in St. Ronan's Avenue on Mon/Tue, 3/4 June 2019. This is the same house that was the scene of an all-night party on 12 May (see report). Two residents have complained to the University of Bristol. A resident in Woodstock Avenue, which backs on to St. Ronan's, said: "The students ... were in the garden at 11.15 last night (Monday 3rd June 2019) talking and laughing loudly. I delayed going to bed until midnight but they were still there, at which point I went and slept on the sofa in the front room and had a very bad night’s sleep." A resident in St. Ronan's Avenue says he was disturbed from 11pm onwards. "They are

► Hampton Park, 2 Jun: Group shouting in street

(18085) Noisy group of half a dozen or so students shouting in Hampton Park shortly before 1am on Sunday, 2 June 2019. Group walked from Ashgrove Road into Hampton Park, and then in the direction of Chandos Road. Identified as University of Bristol students. As is often the case with street incidents, the noise was short-lived. A resident in a nearby property nevertheless says she was disturbed by the noise (her description of time, direction and type of noise matches). ---------- A few minutes earlier, in roughly the same location, I observed two males urinating on private property adjacent to the pavement. (These were separate incidents; so far as I know, neither male was part of the group

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