Police to target student noise in UoB-funded 'Operation Beech'

The University of Bristol has released details of the police patrols it's funding to control student noise in June, as students celebrate the end of exams. Under 'Operation Beech', patrols will operate in noise hotspots such as Chandos and Manor Park. Police will be out and about on eight nights, starting on June 5. To download the Operation Beech flyer as a PDF, go here. (Please pass details to your neighbours!) This is billed as a trial run, modelled on 'Operation Oak', based in Newcastle. Lynn Robinson, UoB’s deputy registrar, said in March that, if successful, it may be rolled out more broadly in October, at the start of academic 2019-20. The dates and times of operation are June 5-8 and

Remedies for Anti-social Behaviour

The police often say they don’t have powers to deal with noise from private property. This is misleading at best. While it's true they don't have the anti-noise powers created under the Environmental Protection Act 1990—those were given to local authorities—both the police and councils have access to a menu of powers contained in the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. The question is whether these powers are being used in Bristol, and if not, why not? This article (a revision and update of one I published in June 2018) examines the ASB 2014 powers and related matters. There are links to source documents at the end. Anti-social behaviour is defined in the Act as (a) conduct t

► Zetland, 13 May: 'Woken by party noise'

(18084) Party at student flat in Zetland Road from 11pm until after 4-30am, Mon/Tue, 13/14 May 2019. A resident has complained to the University of the West of England about this event. UWE has responded to the complaint, and a member of staff has visited the students, accompanied by the campus police officer. The resident says she was woken at 12.30 am to see 12-15 people standing outside on a metal balcony that overlooks her house and provides access to the flat. "They were all chatting loudly and smoking .... At 2.30 am I was woken again by noise. I looked to see probably 4 people had gone over the balcony railings and were sitting on the top of my neighbour’s roof. I shouted to these pe

St Ronan's resident calls on UoB to expel organisers of all-night party, discipline their 120 gu

A St. Ronan's Avenue resident is urging the University of Bristol to expel students who organised an all-night party in a mid-terrace house on 11/12 May. He also wants all of their 120 guests to be disciplined. Unlike party organisers, guests are hard to trace after an event. But in this case the resident has sent UoB a copy of the guest list, with doormen's marks indicating which invitees actually attended.(Photo: I have obscured names.) He says most of the guests are likely also to be UoB students and bound by its rules, meaning they were "complicit with the actions of the tenants" and "equally responsible for the disruption". The party, from 10-45pm till 7am, was so loud that objects in

► St Ronan's, 12 May: All-night party

(18083) Large, all-night student party at mid-terrace house on east side of St. Ronan's Avenue, on Sat/Sun, 11/12 May 2019. (Please go here for the full text of this report.)

► Manor Park, 5 May: 'Entire household kept awake'

(18082) Loud music and street disturbance until after 4am at student house in Manor Park (backing on to Coldharbour Road), Sat/Sun 4/5 May 2019. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol about this event. She wrote: "It is now 00:22 on Sunday, 5th May, and my entire household is being kept awake by the loud music and red and green flashing lights from a party at this property." In a later email, to me, she added: "The music and flashing red and green lights continued until 4.45am in the morning, resulting in 1.5 hour’s sleep. There was also noise in the street from people coming and going throughout the evening / morning, and also a fair number of cans and bottles on garden wall

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