► Waverley, 7 Apr: 'All-night party'

(18081) Party at student house near eastern end of Waverley Road on Sat/Sun 6/7 April 2019. Residents say they were kept awake by this event. Resident 1 says in a complaint to the University of Bristol: "The party continued until 8.00 a.m. on Sunday morning. I live round the corner [in] Rokeby Avenue but even so my sleep was interrupted." Resident 2, who also lives in Rokeby Avenue, says "one of us was woken and kept awake by distant but clear thumping music at 2am". Resident 3, in Montrose Avenue, says, "It went on until about 9.30am. I woke up to it about 4 times during the night but managed to get back to sleep ... it looked like they had taped cardboard onto the top-floor windows in a us

► Cotham Park, 31 Mar: 'Pumping bass'

(18080) Loud music from student flat at house in Cotham Park, near junction with Archfield Road, on Sat/Sun, 30/31 March 2019. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol about late-night noise from this property, which was previously cited in a similar complaint in November. (See incident 18045.) The resident says, "It kept my daughter awake until at least 2am. ... As the last time, the big issue last night was the pumping bass."

Councillor describes 'worst fear', cites escape risks at big parties

Cotham councillor Anthony Negus has called on the university, police, council and fire authorities to join in a "multi-agency approach" to safety risks posed by large student parties. (Updated 02/04/2019: see below.) Cllr Negus said the party at Rokeby Avenue on 16 March, attended by more than 150 party-goers, raised a set of issues that "needs to be seen to be tackled". More dramatically, he declared: "I give notice that this email, and several like it that I've written before, will be submitted to a coroner's court or as part of any enquiry into an accident that I believe to be inevitable so long as nothing is done." The councillor addressed his email to the University of Bristol, asking f

After Rokeby, Chandos chair urges tougher action by UoB

It may be only a "matter of time" before a large student party leads to an accident, Chandos chair Diana Swain said in a letter to Prof. Hugh Brady, Vice Chancellor of the University of Bristol. She called on the university to take a tough line on events such as the Rokeby Avenue party on 16 March that attracted more than 150 people. "We feel that it is only a matter of time before there is an accident at one of these large parties in modest residential houses which are not built to withstand the party antics of 150 young people. It is time that the University stepped up to the mark and dealt with situations such as this latest party with the strongest sanctions available." The Chandos Neigh

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