Police, UoB agree trial operation aimed at reducing student noise

Local police are preparing ​​a university-funded​operation to target noise and anti-social behaviour in the final weeks of the academic year. Although details have not yet been announced, the initiative will be similar to "Operation Oak", under which Newcastle's universities paid for extra police patrols in areas where noisy parties were a problem for residents. Confirmation that the University of Bristol has agreed to fund a pilot project was provided by Deputy Registrar Lynn Robinson in a letter to Diana Swain, chair of the Chandos Neighbourhood Association. Members of the association used the Newcastle scheme as an example when Ms Robinson attended a CNA meeting last July. "We have now ag

In Tucson, Arizona, noisy parties bring £380 fines and 'red tags'

University of Arizona students​​ who hold noisy parties risk fines and a 180-day 'red tag' notice on the outside of their house that warns of bigger penalties to come for repeat disturbances. Under the City of Tucson's "Unruly Gathering" law, tags must be "posted in a location that is highly visible to the public". An unruly gathering is defined as any meet-up of five or more people on private property that causes "disturbance of the quiet enjoyment of private or public property" by other people. My thanks to a Noise Pages subscriber for sending me the Tucson leaflet. She spends part of each year in the city, home to the state university. Disturbances include excessive noise, drinking in pub

► Ashgrove, 23 Mar: 'We are exhausted today'

(18079) Large party at student house on the south side of Ashgrove Road, on Fri/Sat 23/24 March 2019. Loud beat music and a lot of noise from people outside at the front of the property, and sometimes in the street. Several residents, including me, have complained to the University of Bristol. I called the police at about 3:15 am in relation to people in the street, and was told "we've had several calls about this event". I was told officers would attend when available, but others have said police did not attend. This property was previously cited in a noise complaint in October. It is also next door to the house where a large party attended by 130-plus students took place in November. The t

► Hampton, 23 Mar: 'Seriously diminished sleep'

(18078) Group singing loudly near junction of Hampton Road and Abbotsford Road. In a message timed at 00:23 on Saturday 23 March 2019, a resident reports: "I’m writing to complain about the obnoxious group singing going on — as I write — outside on Hampton Road or Abbotsford. It’s a group of largely female students singing several songs over and over again as loud as they can in total disregard of the fact that it is well after midnight. I have to work again tomorrow, Saturday ... and now have to do that on seriously diminished sleep."

► Collingwood, 23 Mar: 'Completely sleepless night'

(18077) Student party in upper part of house on east side, near south end of street, Fri/Sat, 22/23 March 2019. This went ahead despite efforts to persuade the students to change their event, and warnings they were likely to face a complaint if the party went beyond midnight, which it did. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol about the event, having expressed concerns to the university and the students before it took place. I went with her to talk to the students on the evening before the party, which had been notified in advance to residents. She outlined her concerns, including the fact her elderly father would be staying with her, and would be sleeping in the bedroom fa

► Lansdown, 21 Mar: 'Group in garden at 1am'

(18076) Students making noise in garden of house on east side of street, early hours of Thurs 21 March 2019. A resident has written to the University of Bristol. In an email sent at 1:50am, he reports: "I’ve just returned from asking the students at [xx] Lansdown Road to make less noise. For the last half-hour a group have been in the front garden talking and laughing as if it were the middle of the day. Perfectly nice people, but so thoughtless to make so much noise when people are trying to sleep. They did apologise, and stopped immediately, but why oh why did it need someone to have to get out of bed to point out just how disturbing they were being?" He adds that this followed a noisy gro

► Hampton, 17 Mar: 'Music past 4am'

(18075) Late-night party at student house on east side of Hampton Road, near Chandos junction, from evening of Sat 16 March 2019 to early hours of Sun 17th. (This is the same house in which a very large party occurred in March 2018.) Two residents have complained to the University of Bristol about this event. I myself also spoke to one of the students at about 11-15pm to express concern, acquaint him with the university's rules and guidelines and point out the risks that both the music and the noise of people in the garden would disturb residents in the adjoining flats and houses. He said they would turn the music down at midnight and bring people inside the house. When I asked how many gues

► Rokeby, 16 Mar: Police, ambulance called to party that residents tried to stop

(18074) Party attended by 150-plus guests with beat music and noise from people in garden on night of Fri/Sat, 15/16 March, 2019. Event held despite efforts to curtail or stop it: Residents raised concerns with students and notified university, police and council. * Council issued pre-emptive noise abatement notice * Police intervened on night, and music was turned down, for a time * Paramedics and ambulance attended to remove ill student. (Article updated 20/03/2019 with residents' comments and minor additions and amendments. Correction, 21/08/2019: Date in first paragraph corrected--March, not February.) The house is a large semi with a small forecourt and a rear garden reached by a n

► Roslyn, 14 Mar: 'Blatant disregard'

(18073) Loud pre-drinks gathering of 40-50 students at house on east side of Roslyn Road until after 11pm on Thursday, 14 March 2019. Much noise as students left in taxis. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol about this disturbance, which she says is not the first at the house. "The music wasn’t particularly loud but the sheer volume of people within the property created a lot of noise all evening—they had all their windows open." Her husband and two neighbours complained at about 11pm, and the windows were closed, but there was a lot more noise when the group left. "When the 40-50 or so students spilled out of the house at between 11.30pm-11.45pm to wait for numerous Uber

► Brighton: Repeated noise from house

(18072) Resident in Cowper Road lists six occasions in February and March when she's been disturbed by noise from a student house near the northern end of Brighton Road. The resident has written to the University of Bristol noting noise disturbances from a house diagonally opposite hers. (Properties in Brighton Road back on to those in Cowper Road.) The incidents include "shouting in the garden and loud music" from 11pm to midnight on Thursday, 7 February, and similar activity at around 10pm to 11pm on other evenings, mostly mid-week. On four of the occasions, the resident went to speak to the students and asked them to move inside and close their back door, which generally they did. "Each t

Bristol students add laughing gas to their party kicks, magazine says

The Sunday Times Magazine shone a spotlight on student party culture with a feature piece in its March 3 edition on the use of nitrous oxide—laughing gas. Reporting from the front lines of ... wait for it ... Redland, Bristol, the magazine describes how students at house parties buy canisters of "nos" to inflate balloons, then inhale the gas to "enjoy 30 seconds of giggles and silliness". Sales of the gas can run to hundreds of pounds at parties, the article says. Selling nitrous oxide for human consumption is illegal under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016. Although inhaling two or three balloons' worth may be low risk, over-indulgence can have serious consequences, the article reports.

► Lansdown, 5 Mar: 'Woken by noisy groups'

(18071) Groups of students arriving and leaving noisily at house near south end of road in early hours of Tuesday, 5 March 2019. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol after being woken several times by students going into and out of the house. The same property has been cited twice previously: see 18026, Lansdown, 26 Oct: 'Noisy groups awaiting taxis' and 18038, Lansdown, 17 Nov: 'Exceptionally loud noise'. The resident says: "At 1.30am a group of students arrived by taxi and immediately they got out began shouting at the top of their voices. One shouted '[xx] Lansdown Road' so their destination was pretty obvious." He was woken again at about 2am by another group walking do

► Meridian Place, 28 Feb: 'Drunk and shouting'

(18070) Group of about 10 students making noise on street at about 11pm, Thursday, 28 February 2019; refused to move on when resident shouted to them from a first-floor window. A resident who has complained before about street noise at this location has written to the University of Bristol about this incident. She and her husband had gone to bed, and needed to be up early because he had a flight to catch. "As we were falling asleep around 11 pm, about ten students gathered in front of our building, just below our bedroom window on the first floor. They were drunk and shouting and had no intentions to go away." She says both she and her husband called down to the students, to no avail. The re

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