► Trelawney, 23 Feb: 'Unable to sleep till small hours'

(18069) Beat music at house on north side of Trelawney Road after midnight, Friday/Saturday, 22/23 February 2019. Loud voices of people outside the house audible from Ravenswood Road. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol: "We were severely affected by a party held at the ... property ... and were not able to sleep until the small hours due to the enormous noise coming from the party, as well as shouting/screaming coming from the street. This is totally unacceptable and shows a totally self-centred attitude from those involved." Update, 27/02/2019: Another resident has contacted me to say he found the noise acceptable: "On this occasion, I do not have any complaint with my n

► Manor Park, 23 Feb: 'No attempt to curb noise'

(18068) Noise in street associated with party at house in northern corner of Manor Park, Friday night into Saturday, 22/23 February 2019. A couple have complained to both universities (pending identification of the students involved) after a "loud and disruptive party". They say there "seemed to be no attempt to curb noise or anti-social behaviour of guests." "We asked them to turn the noise down at 12.05 and a polite student agreed that he would. It was back up to full volume within 5 mins. We also asked that they ask their guests to leave quietly later on, to which he agreed. "At 12.40 we went out to ask a large group who were shouting in the street for over 15 minutes to be quieter and co

► Roslyn, 22 Feb: 'Our whole house shook'

(18067) Loud music at a house on the west side of Roslyn Road that was the subject of an earlier complaint to the university less than a week before; late evening, Friday, 22 February 2019. A resident who complained to the University of Bristol about students next door to her has reported further problems. In another email to the university, she says: "There has been a lot of noise from No. [xx] again this evening—less bass but still very loud music, lots of people in the living room and very loud talking, shouting, singing and jumping up and down to music that caused our whole house to shake. "I just knocked on the door for a long time (the music was so loud they could not hear me knocking)

Prof Brady to The Noise Pages: 'I do not find anti-social behaviour by students acceptable'

Professor Hugh Brady, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bristol, has made clear his view of student behaviour that causes disturbance to residents. “I appreciate that student noise and parties are a continued frustration to you and your neighbours,” he writes in a letter to me, “and I can assure you that I do not find anti-social behaviour amongst our students to be acceptable … the university has always, and will continue, to take these issues very seriously.” Prof. Brady replied to me after I wrote complaining about the contents of two articles run by the student newspaper Epigram that relied heavily on comments by an unidentified university “spokesperson”. Amongst other things, I point

► Roslyn, 16 Feb: 'Horrendous amount of screaming'

(18066) Loud party at a student house at the north end of the street, with beat music and people shouting in a rear garden, in the early hours of Saturday, 16 February, 2019. (Updated 19/02/2019 with comments from sixth resident, added at end.) Six residents have commented on this party, two of whom have submitted complaints to the University of Bristol. Excerpts: Stanley Road resident: "It is 1.45am and there is a very loud party going on and it has woken our 3-year-old daughter who sleeps at the back of our house. We complained about this house last October for the same issue." Roslyn Road resident: "We were affected, as was my 17-month-old son who was woken at 12.45! I was furious and fru

► Hampton, 16 Feb: 'Loud group on street'

(18065) Late-night street noise on Hampton Road near Kenilworth and Abbotsford junctions in the early hours of Saturday, 16 February 2019. A resident who has complained of similar problems before reports: "I am currently being kept up, yet again, by a loud group of this time (unusually) Spanish-speaking people close to [xx] Hampton Road, hanging about outside. They’ve been outside at least three times, really loud, and now some ass is loudly whistling to get people's attention. It’s piercing noise at 1 am, and woke me back up after I’d finally managed to doze off."

► Roslyn: 'Seriously affecting my quality of life'

(18064) Loud music played repeatedly at a student house on the west side of Roslyn Road, leading to numerous complaints. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol: "There has been an ongoing issue with noise since the start of the academic year, mainly in relation to playing loud beat music at least a couple of times per week with groups of students socialising in the living room .... I have complained to the students on numerous occasions about their beat music and to ask them to turn it down. I have to knock on their door on almost a weekly basis. They usually do turn it down when asked, but then the same problem occurs again a few days later. I am unable to relax in my own ho

► Meridian Place: Noise on street at night

(18063) Night-time street noise in Clifton area; several instances including early hours of 14 February 2019. A resident who complained about various noise incidents in the first academic term says disturbances have picked up again this term. Meridian Place lies on a walking route between the Triangle and residential streets in Clifton. "There has been noise at night time since the new semester started. Last night was particularly bad. I was woken up at 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. by students shouting in front of our building .... Each time, I jumped out of bed scared. I also heard some of them arguing, a woman crying, etc." She has emailed details to a police officer with whom she was in contact abou

► Alexandra Park, 9 Feb: 'Music until 5-30am'

(18062) Student party with loud music at house on east side of Alexandra Park, from Friday into early hours of Saturday, 9 February 2019. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol: "On Friday a party was held which continued to play exceptionally loud music until 5:30am despite us contacting the residents by text on several occasions to turn the music off (screen shot attached). As you can see, there is zero remorse, in fact the responses are quite mocking. We were unable to go to the house ourselves as we were comforting our two small children. In addition, the normal noise of “guests” leaving at 5:30am added to the disturbance. We also witnessed additional speakers and music e

► Chandos, 2 Feb: 'Kept awake by party'

(18061) Party at property on Chandos Road (mid-section, north side), with disturbance from people in rear garden. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol: "We heard music through the walls but the most disturbing thing was the number of people in the garden until 02:30/03:00 which is very close to our double-glazed bedroom window." He said the party "kept me and my girlfriend up for quite some time ... There were so many people in attendance that it would have been intimidating to try to find the hosts and ask them to quieten down." UoB said it has contacted the students and reminded them of "the University's expectations of behaviour in the community".

► Hampton, 3 Feb: 'Thudding music, flashing lights'

(18060) Loud party in house on Hampton Road, west side, between Abbotsford and Aberdeen Roads, on Sat/Sun 2/3 February 2019. Four people have reported being disturbed by the event and one has complained to the University of Bristol. The noise of the party was evident in Cotham Gardens, 80m away. I observed the event myself at about 0:30am onwards and called the police on 101, but was told no one would attend. Abbotsford Road resident (complainant): "We experienced thudding type music and flashing lights from the windows at the rear of the property in the evening [Sat], penetrating all the rooms at the rear of our house, 30 metres away. This continued to at least midnight when we retired to t

► Brighton, 2 Feb: 'Vomit left on pavement'

(18059) Loud party at student house on the east side of Brighton Road, from midnight Fri 1 February 2019 into Sat 2 February. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol about this event, which I also observed around midnight and again nearer to 1am. Music from the house was audible from 20 to 30 metres away. On the second occasion, there was a group of people talking loudly outside the house. The resident says he came across vomit on the pavement in the morning.

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