► Roslyn, 29 Jan: 'Screaming students awaiting taxis'

(18058) Late-evening noise caused by groups of students waiting for taxis in Roslyn Road, followed by further disturbance in the early hours, 29/30 January 2019. Previous incidents cited. A resident who has written previously to The Noise Pages to highlight problems in Roslyn Road says: "Last night, Tuesday 29 January, we were woken at 11.45pm by screaming, singing and shouting in the street directly outside our house, by a group of approx. 10-15 students waiting for taxis. Same again when they returned at after 2am. "Before that there was a continuous stream of noise on the street from 10pm onwards, loud knocking on doors and shouting and many taxis arriving over the space of two hours to c

► Brighton, 29 Jan: 'Yelling to get in, at 4am'

(18057) Students shouting to get in after arriving home at house near south end of Brighton Road, 29 January 2019. Resident cites previous incidents. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol. She says her household has been disturbed "so many times since October" by students at this address. "We have spoken to them previously. The latest incident was last night, where the students returned to their house at 4am. They were screaming and yelling and chanting outside the front door, as they were ‘locked out’. When they got inside, the chanting and yelling continued. "We have submitted a complaint to UoB and spoken to the students, who once again said it wouldn’t happen again. We h

► Hampton, 29 Jan: Groups shouting in street

(18056) People shouting on Hampton Road near the petrol station at 3-30am, 29 January 2019. Roughly half-a-dozen people involved. I suspect they were the students who left Ashgrove Road (see previous incident, 18055) a few minutes earlier. They had divided into two groups. The first, near the petrol station, was making noise that I could hear clearly from 150m distance. The second, consisting of two people, was lagging about 50m behind, nearer to Hampton Park. They were shouting to the first group as they closed the gap.

► Ashgrove, 29 Jan: Shouting, singing at 3-20am

(18055) Student party at large house on north side of Ashgrove Road, early hours of 29 Jan 2019. Music relatively quiet, but people making noise from front steps and garden between 1-30 and 3-30am, and in the street on leaving. (University of Bristol guidelines for a weeknight party: quiet by 10pm.) An Ashgrove Road resident has submitted a complaint to the University of Bristol as well as the property agents. In addition, three other residents (besides myself) have confirmed they were disturbed by this event. (Revised total: see note at end.) This is a large house with, it seems, two households or flats within it that accommodate both UoB and UWE students. I previously complained about a pa

► Cranbrook, 27 Jan: '4am phone call to police'

(18054) Loud, late student party at house on west side of Cranbrook Road, between Kersteman and Carnarvon Roads, in early hours of 27 January 2019. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol: "Students at the above address had a party tonight that ended with me having to phone the police at 4am. The students informed us of the party and said they would turn the music down and go inside at 12am. Which we thought was reasonable and told them so. However, this was not the case. "They were asked by another neighbour around 2am to quieten down and I also sent two occupants a text asking them to take it all inside as the noise from the garden and front door area was becoming an issue.

► Chandos, 18 Jan: 'Woken by street noise'

(18053) Street noise by unidentified groups, early hours of 18 Jan. A resident in Collingwood Road reports: "For the noise log, we were woken up twice last night at 1.30am and 2.30am ... both groups of people making noise on Chandos Road." Comment: This incident report may lack detail, but that's often the case with street noise—we often don't know who's doing it, nor whether they are students. I'm nevertheless keen to receive more reports, just so we have a better idea of how often this sort of thing happens. It could eventually be relevant to discussions about policing. When analysing incident reports I will break these examples of "street noise" out into a separate category, so as not to

The Noise Pages records 53 incidents

With the help of residents, The Noise Pages recorded 53 student-noise incidents of various types in the August-December period, covering the first term of academic 2018-19. Of these, 31 were house parties and 17 were other forms of noise associated with an identifiable address. The remaining 5 incidents involved street noise; typically these aren’t linked to a specific address and it often isn’t possible to say definitively that the people involved are students—indeed this category is massively under-reported for precisely these reasons. Almost half of all incidents, 25, occurred in the Chandos area, defined as streets connected to Chandos Road. These broke down into 13 parties, 11 noise inc

Party complaints fall, noise rises, Redland stays top in UoB figures

Complaints about student parties fell by 41% in the first term of the 2018-19 academic year, according to statistics compiled by the University of Bristol. Residents cited 35 parties across the districts close to the university, down from 59 in the same period a year earlier. However, complaints about general noise rose 31%, offsetting much of the reduction (chart). One group of students seems to play an outsize role in the complaints figures, according to a deeper analysis by the university—those who went to private schools. (Article heading revised—see note at end.) UoB presented the figures at a community liaison meeting with residents’ groups before Christmas (see end-notes). The data co

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