► Cowper, 28 Nov: Music 'woke residents at 2-45am'

(18046) Late-night noise at student house in Cowper Road, early hours of 28 Nov 2018. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol: "The male students living at this address, who I believe are third-year students, woke several residents up at 2:45am this morning. The unacceptable noise consisted of shouting, rowdy behaviour and music." The resident and his wife live about 25 metres away. "Despite this, we were unable to sleep." He adds that other residents in the street were also disturbed, including two people who live in a lower flat at the house, and that there have been previous disturbances. "Cowper Road is a largely residential street and, on the whole, we have a good relatio

► Cotham Park, 25 Nov: 'Kept awake till 5am'

(18045) Student party in flat at Cotham Park playing loud music until after 5am, Sun 25 Nov 2018. The University of Bristol has acknowledged a complaint from a resident who says he was kept awake by the music, "particularly the bass". The party started at around 11pm on Saturday night and continued into the small hours. The resident says that after failing to sleep through the disturbance, he eventually went to the property to complain at around 5am. "They were all very apologetic and polite but the party continued another half hour." UoB's community liaison manager Joni Lloyd replied that she has "arranged to meet with the students to discuss this complaint and agree actions."

► Hampton, 21 Nov: 'Girl using garden as toilet'

(18044) Large, noisy group on Hampton Road, near petrol station, late evening, Wed, 21 Nov 2018. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol: "Last Wednesday at around about 10:40pm I was disturbed by the noise outside my house of what was a rather large gathering of students, circa 20, primarily females, drinking ... from bottles and screaming at each other. I peeped past the blinds of my front window only to find a female student squatting in my front garden, using my property as a public convenience." The resident says she followed them down the street and "let them know how disgusted I was".

► Westfield Park, 24 Nov: '4am music woke baby'

(18043) Repeated late-night noise from student flat in Westfield Park, Sat, 24 Nov 2018. A resident who complained earlier about a series of disturbances (see report 18027 in October for same address) has written to the University of Bristol about a further incident. She says her family was disturbed "by loud music which continued until 11:30pm before stopping, and then [resumed] at 4am, waking my baby (and us), and did not stop until 8am this morning". She has also complained to the property agents, Flatline.

► Ashgrove, 24 Nov: Party attracts 130 guests

(18042) House party in large semi with more than 130 guests. I learned about this party late on Friday afternoon after an alert neighbour saw mattresses being positioned at windows (an attempt at sound-proofing) and sent me a note. I was immediately concerned because parties in Ashgrove Road typically can be heard in my own home. I went to look for myself and talked to two students outside the property. They told me they were expecting more than 100 guests, planned to go on until “2 or 3 am” and had hired two bouncers. They assured me there would be no disturbance. I said that was unrealistic: the “sound proofing” would not make much difference, and the large numbers of people involved woul

► Collingwood, 18 Nov: Party held despite warnings

(18041) Large student party in terraced house on west side of street. News of this event began to circulate several days previously. Two residents sent me copies of notices they had received through their letterboxes. Although the notes offered promises to keep the noise under control, there was no mention of a finishing time, which is usually a sign it will be an all-night event. Contact between residents and the students later yielded the information that 100 guests were expected, a DJ was being hired, windows would be soundproofed, and a doorman would be on duty. I offered the residents various suggestions regards follow-up, and helped with some emailing. By the day of the party, we had c

► Collingwood, 18 Nov: 'House extremely noisy'

(18040) Noisy house party on upper floor of house on east side of street. This party was under way from at least 9pm. The windows were open, allowing noise from music and shouting into the street. This was audible on occasions from Melville Road, about 90 metres away. Other residents in the street told me this level of noise was normal for this property. At about 00:30am I went to the house and rang the door bell. As I was waiting, several other people turned up. Some were students from No. [x], across the street, who seemed to think No. [xx] was complicating their own efforts to have a "quiet" party—see separate report. Several others were residents, including a woman who had come out in he

► Brighton, 17 Nov: 'Woken as people left party'

(18039) Disturbance from house party. A resident has complained to the University of Bristol. He says: "There was a party where students began arriving from 11.45 pm and there was loud music coming from the house, besides students sitting on the wall outside at the front. I had to get dressed and go out to ask them to keep the noise down." The resident says there was also noise from the back garden. He adds that a neighbour who has small children also went to talk to the students, and that there was more disturbance later in the night. "We were again woken up by the noise of some leaving at around 3.30 am."

► Lansdown, 17 Nov: 'Exceptionally loud noise'

(18038) A resident in Brighton Road has complained to the University of Bristol about "exceptionally loud" noise at night from the rear of a house in Lansdown Road. Another resident, in Lansdown Road, says some students left the house noisily at about 12-30am. He also says there was a disturbance earlier in the week when three males arrived at the house at about 3am. Note, added 02/01/2019: This address was also the subject of a previous incident report, in October.

► Hampton, 17 Nov: Noise on street near Abbotsford

(18037) Group of people making noise after midnight at corner of Hampton Road and Abbotsford Road. Resident, writing at 00:40am, reports: "It’s a group of 5 males, drinking and partying and generally being obnoxious. ... They’ve been there for the last 60 minutes at least. WHY?!? I am trying to sleep."

► Meridian Place, 13 Nov: 'Scuffle, and shouting'

(18036) Resident reports four young people involved in a loud altercation in the street outside her building at 1am. "There was a scuffle and lots of shouting. I called the police and I was told they would dispatch a team." She has also reported the incident to the University of Bristol on the grounds the people involved were probably students.

► Lansdown, 11 Nov: 'Shrieking in street'

(18035) Resident reports: "... shouting and shrieking in the street, waking us from around 23.00 until around 23.45 ... Seemed to move about the street—sounded like right outside at times and sometimes further down the street." (Whether those responsible were students isn't known.)

Residents' protests highlight Chandos-area Hallowe'en noise

(Revised) Hallowe'en parties produced a barrage of noise across the Chandos district on 31 Oct—possibly the noisiest night of the year so far. This was also the night on which the local beat police began five evenings of patrols. But they were called away to another area later in their shift. While parties are to be expected on Hallowe'en night, the date fell mid-week, meaning many residents had to go to work or school next day. The University of Bristol's guidelines for mid-week parties say "quiet by 10pm". Most of the night's parties didn't get started until about that time and several went on into the small hours. Walking around the Chandos and Waverley areas at about 11-30pm, I counted a

► Lansdown, 31 Oct: 'Final straw—banging on bins'

(18034) Noise from a group of students in the street. A resident has sent a complaint to both universities asking them to try to identify the students responsible. He also notes there was a large amount of noise in the district that night (a mid-week night): "Around midnight I went out to talk to a group of students who had congregated on the street a few doors from my house. They had been generating a lot of noise for about an hour, but the final straw was when they began to bang loudly on waste bins. When asked they said they were UWE students, but refused to say which house they had come from or visited. They were completely unashamed at their behaviour, and dismissive of any request to s

► Brighton, 31 Oct: 'Frequency of parties intolerable'

(18033) Noisy party in mid-terrace house. About a dozen people outside when first seen. I observed this event at about 11-15pm, along with a louder party at the south end of the street—see separate report. A resident has complained to both universities, asking them to identify whose students were responsible for the event in the mid-terrace house. She states: "They held a Hallowe'en party last night, starting about 10pm, continuing until at least 2am. The students were spilled out onto the street shouting and screaming with loud music coming from the house and disturbing most of the street. They were asked by several of my neighbours to go inside, which they would do briefly before continuin

► Brighton, 31 Oct: Hallowe'en event gets complaint

(18032) Loud house party in terraced house at south end of street. Large crowd of people outside. I observed this event at around 11-15pm. At that time there were about 20 people outside the property and loud beat music was playing inside. The event was still under way at 00:20am. I relayed details to the local beat police, who began a programme of night-time patrols on this night, but I later learned they were called away to another area in the second part of their shift. A resident who complained about a simultaneous party elsewhere in Brighton Road (see separate report) acknowledges she was aware of this other event. "At one point the two parties seemed to be competing, with students runn

► Cowper, 30 Oct: 'Barely slept' before early shift

(18031) House party until after 1am, midweek night. (This was not a Hallowe'en-night party; it started on the evening of 30 Oct and continued into the early hours of the 31st.) I went to the house at around 00:30am after an email from a subscriber. There was no music audible when I arrived, but the person I spoke to confirmed they had been playing music after 10pm, which is the University of Bristol's midweek cutoff for parties. I could hear a significant amount of noise coming from a garden or yard at the rear, and suggested they be asked to move inside, which the organiser said he would do. The resident who had emailed me complained to UoB: "My partner and I both had early shifts this morn

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