► Park Mansions, 28 Oct: Party spurs call to police

(18030) Party in flat; loud music played outdoors until about 00:30am and indoors until 1-45am; associated shouting and disturbance. Excerpts from resident's complaint to the University of Bristol: "The party took place between 10 pm and 1 am last night [2am, disregarding the clock change]. The noise affected adjacent and nearby properties with added street disturbances. They used both the flat and the garden for the party. They played loud music outdoor until about 12.30 am. After that, they played loud techno music indoors and the bass was thumping through our walls until 1.45 am ... There was lots of shouting as is usually the case with drunk university students. A woman was hitting some

► Collingwood, 28 Oct: 'Shouting in garden at 1-30'

(18029) House party, plus shouting in garden. A resident says: "There was a lot of noise internally but this was tolerable—however we were woken at 12.30am and 1.30am by shouting in the rear garden."

► Cranbrook, 28 Oct: 'Police unable to help'

(18028) House party, loud music; shouting inside and outside the property; event started before midnight and was still in session at 00:45am. A resident says: "Parties happen regularly at this address ... We believe they are using [a] professional sound system so it is extremely loud. They have been asked on several occasions by different neighbours to keep the noise down and ignore all communication. The police (101) were unable to help."

► Westfield Park: Parties at flat anger residents

(18027) Nearby residents complain of a series of loud parties and other noise at this address on various dates in September and October. One resident says: "On 23rd, 26th and 28th Sept, we were woken by loud music/singing/loud voices between the hours of 11pm and 4:30am. On 28th the music began at approx 2:30am until 4:00am! This woke each family (of which there are three) in our building of four apartments. My husband and I went round to speak with the students ... the following day about the noise and how inconsiderate it was etc. However they did not seem very concerned nor apologetic." Another resident adds: "We were away on the 23rd but were very much disturbed by the loud party on the

► Lansdown, 26 Oct: 'Noisy groups awaiting taxis'

(18026) Shouting and anti-social behaviour in the street as students waited for taxis at around midnight. Many of these students were leaving a house near the south end of the street following a "pre-drinks" gathering before going to a nightclub. However, it appears there may also have been students leaving other houses in the street at around the same time, contributing to the disturbance. One resident says: "There was a very large gathering of students at number [xx] ... which resulted in lots of street noise and multiple groups of people on the street in Lansdown Rd between 12 and 1am ... I witnessed a young man urinating on the street and there was lots of shouting preceding and during

UoB considers paying for night-time policing of noise incidents

The University of Bristol says it's discussing the possibility of paying for police resources to deal with night-time noise incidents. An alternative idea is to employ commercially provided street marshals. One thing that's clear is that the university has again ruled out the oft-cited idea that it should use its existing 24/7 mobile security team to respond to student parties. (See my comment at the end.) The latest developments at the University of Bristol are contained in a letter from Lynn Robinson, deputy registrar, to Diana Swaine, chair of Chandos Neighbourhood Association. At a meeting in July attended by Ms Robinson, CNA members proposed various ways the university could respond to

Police plan to patrol Redland and Cotham noise hotspots

Local beat police will patrol parts of the Redland and Cotham districts for five evenings and nights at the end of October into early November, as part of a focus on areas affected by student-noise issues. Sgt Jonathan Scott, recently appointed to oversee several local beats, including Cotham and Clifton Down, said: "We will be visible and engage with students and other people who are out and about." On key nights, the teams will aim to be in the area until the early hours. Sgt Scott said he has also asked police "response teams"—mobile patrols—to drive through Cotham and Redland and "to be more visible". These steps follow a meeting that I and members of the Chandos Neighbourhood Associatio

► Lansdown, 20 Oct: 'Last night was worst for years'

(18025) Loud party in terraced house near south end of street, with many people present, some at rear of house and some in the street at the front. Event started late on Friday evening and continued into the early hours of Saturday. Three residents have filed complaints to the University of Bristol. I observed the party myself at a little after 1am (having been notified by two of the complainants). On Saturday afternoon I distributed flyers in Lansdown and Brighton Roads inviting residents who were affected to contact me. (Brighton Road houses back on to Lansdown.) Brighton Road resident (first complainant): "The noise is exceptional where it can be heard inside my home. My neighbours with s

► Lansdown, 14 Oct: 'Noise went on well into night'

(18024) A resident has submitted a complaint to the University of Bristol about a party at a house near the north end of the street (east side): "Called approx 12.40am. ... Noisy at both front (street) and back (garden) of the property. UoB students confirmed. Politely listened to my request for consideration and to reduce the noise. I did warn that I would report them to the UoB if the noise continued. Unfortunately the noise was not reduced and went on well into the night." The resident says he was subsequently told by UoB that other residents also complained about this event, and that the student household had been called to a disciplinary meeting.

► Waverley, 14 Oct: 'Noisy crowd in rear garden'

(18023) A resident has submitted a complaint to the University of Bristol about a party at this address: "Called approx. 12.30am. UoB students confirmed. Music and noisy crowd in the rear garden. Groups milling on the street. Politely listened to my request for consideration and to reduce the noise. I did warn that I would report them to the UoB if the noise continued. Unfortunately the noise was not reduced significantly." Resident says he was subsequently informed by UoB that this party had also been reported by other residents, and that the student household had been called to a disciplinary meeting.

► Bramford, 16 Oct: 'Waking us up every night'

(18022) Complaint submitted to University of Bristol citing repeated instances of late-night disturbance by students. Resident says: "We have spoken to them but unfortunately, the situation isn't getting any better.They play loud music late at night and groups have been arriving at 2 am and chatting either in the forecourt of the Terrace, balcony or in the house. They are waking us up every night and keeping us awake. I shouted at them last night at 2 pm as a big group was chatting and playing music in the balcony and forecourt, and then they simply went inside and carried on until 4 am. WE CAN HEAR EVERYTHING, CHATTING, SLAMMING DOORS AND MUSIC IN YOUR HOUSE. This situation is making us ver

► Stanley, 15 Oct: 'Incredibly rude response'

(18021) Complaint sent to University of Bristol about noise at a house in Stanley Road (mid-section, east side). Resident says: "We went round at 10.30pm and asked them to keep the noise down. This request was ignored and they said the problem was that walls were thin but they were going out around 11pm anyway. At 11pm at least a dozen people were incredibly noisy leaving the house and we asked politely for them to keep the noise down three times and they were incredibly rude in response. Neighbours opposite also had to ask them to keep the noise down ... We are not trying to stop people enjoying themselves but they cannot do this and have such a negative impact on neighbours around them."

► Brighton, 14 Oct: 'Had to complain at 2-45am'

(180200) A resident has filed a complaint to the University of Bristol about late-night noise from a house in Brighton Road, west side. Excerpt: "In the early hours of Sunday morning I had to go around to [x] Brighton Road at 2:45am to ask the students to turn the music down. The music had woken up my family at 1:30am and showed no signs of quietening down. By 2:45am I realised that I’d have to get dressed and confront them, if we were to get any sleep. This wasn’t a party, as I think it was only the student residents in the property, but they claimed they were oblivious to how sound (with a very heavy bass beat) travels at night. I hasten to add, it wasn’t being played quietly." The complai

► Stanley, 14 Oct: Noisy group agree to go indoors

(18019) Small group of people gathered outside a mid-terrace house in Stanley Road, east side, at about 1-40am, shouting and making noise. After observing for a few minutes I approached them and pointed out they were potentially disturbing neighbours. They apologised and offered to go inside, which they did. (Thank you.)

► Waverley, 14 Oct: Shouting as group leave house

(18018) Seven people leaving a house very noisily at the eastern end of the street at about 1-20am. Lots of shouting. Lasted about 10 minutes before the group moved off. Updated 19/10/18: Added the time of the incident. Also, have since received this comment from a resident: "I also witnessed this party, and called on the house at around 12.30am. After they confirmed they were UoB students I reminded them of the university’s request that students show consideration to neighbours, and not to generate noise after ... 12.00pm on Saturdays. To give them their due, they were very polite and did tone down the noise." Follow-up: Resident has sent a report to UoB.

► Highbury Villas, 14 Oct: Beat music at 1am

(18017) Loud beat music coming from corner house at about 1am. I knocked on the door several times but could get no answer. Since I had posted flyers in Highbury Villas only that afternoon (in relation to the event at No. [xx] the previous night), I assumed residents would know how to contact me if they were disturbed by this event, so I moved on. Updated, 15/10/18: Highbury Residents Association has filed a complaint to the University of Bristol covering this event and one the previous night at No. [xx] (see separate report). A resident sent a comment covering both events: "Both times we were woken up by shouting on the street. The loud music/bass during the early hours was bad for both par

► Cotham Vale, 14 Oct: Students turn music down

(18016) Small house party, north side, noted at about 00:40am. Beat music from front room, sufficiently loud to potentially annoy neighbours. (I was in the street after receiving an email about a different noise disturbance.) I spoke to the students about University of Bristol rules and party guidelines and after a short and amicable conversation, they agreed to turn the music down, and did. (Thank you.) I asked that when the party ended, they should try to persuade their guests not to make noise in the street.

► Highbury Villas, 13 Oct: 'Worst in three years'

(18015) Loud beat music, people outside the front of the house making significant noise. Highbury Villas comprises three short streets just a block away from the main university buildings in Tyndall Avenue. This event was in the first street, as approached from St. Michael's Hill. Many of the Highbury houses are student HMOs. I went to the area at about 1-50am after receiving two email reports of a loud party and a lot of people in the street. One said some students were urinating in neighbours' gardens. I spoke to the organiser, who confirmed he was with the University of Bristol. I pointed out that the event was in breach of UoB party guidelines and Local Rules for students living in the c

► Woodfield, 13 Oct: Noise in garden at 2-40am

(18014) Party at house on south side of road, first noted at 00:45am. People in back garden making significant noise; beat music being played, but fairly quiet. I spoke to the organiser and suggested to her that the noise from the garden was likely to disturb people in Chandos Road, particularly at the Compton Lodge flats, which are close to the Woodfield gardens. She said neighbours in Woodfield Road had been notified in advance and given a phone number to call if there were any problems. I asked if Compton Lodge and other properties at the rear had been included; they hadn't. I last observed the event at about 2-40am; the noise from the garden was still very evident and there were also peo

► Woodfield, 10 Oct: Shouting as group await taxis

(18013) Shouting outside [x] Woodfield Road as 10-20 people left the house and waited for hire cars. Time 11-45pm. Lasted 20-25 minutes. (For clarification, this is a different house than the one mentioned in the next report, 18014, dated 13 Oct.)

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