► Collingwood, 30 Sep: Sunday party, after midnight

(18004) Small group holding party in 1F front room of house at north end of street, west side, with windows open, shortly after midnight. Still noisy at around 00:30am, when I spoke to a student at the house. The music was turned off shortly afterwards and when I passed by after 1am, the house was quiet. A nearby resident has since told me there was loud music at the property at about 10-30pm on a previous evening.

► Brighton, 30 Sep: Noisy party after 1am

(18003) Loud music and raised voices noted at about 00:05am. Loudest at rear of property, facing backs of houses in Cowper Road. Still noisy after 1am. I spoke to people at the house and after some discussion the music was turned off and about 10-15 people left the property, albeit noisily. I subsequently leafleted surrounding houses. Four replies received as of 01/10/18: two didn't hear the party; one heard the students leaving at about 1-45am; one did hear the party, and also cites previous recent disturbances both at this property and at No. [x] Brighton Road, but doesn't want to pursue a formal complaint to the university at this time. Students are with UoB. Further follow-up: None at th

► Alexandra Park, 15 Sep: Series of disturbances

(18002) Students at house in Alexandra Road, near junction with Chandos Road, began playing loud music at 3-30am, waking family in adjoining house. Neighbour says they ignored his complaint and asserted right to have fun. Two other neighbours report hearing the noise. Complainant says there have been previous incidents in past two weeks. Complaint being sent to UWE (not UoB). Update, 20/09/2018: UWE acknowledges complaint, promises to investigate. Complainant says there have been further incidents. I have advised he should also write to landlord and lodge a noise complaint with Bristol City Council. A second resident has also complained to UWE.

► Exeter Buildings, 9 Sep: Group shouting in street

(18001) Dozen students gathered in street at 12-45am at Exeter Buildings, talking loudly and shouting. I asked them to make less noise. They didn't. After 10-15 minutes they walked into Redland Park and then Whiteladies Road, still shouting.

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