► Hampton, 23 Aug: 'Had to sleep in my lounge'

(18000) Student party in ground-floor front room of house in Hampton Road, between Woodfield Road and Leyton Villas, midnight onwards, 23 August. Window open, allowing music and singing/chanting/shouting to spill into street. I went to the house to complain at 12-30am, pointing out it was a weekday evening and some residents probably had to work next day. The window was then closed. At 1am it was open again and the noise was back to its previous level. I went to complain again and was told the music would be turned off. At 2am the music was off but the window was open, allowing loud conversation to filter into the street. One resident says she was still being disturbed at 4-30am by noise out

Chandos calls for 'radical' solutions from university to noise issues

Complaints statistics released by the University of Bristol "confirm that we are facing a deteriorating situation and very significant levels of local nuisance," according to Chandos Neighbourhood Association. Fiona McVey, writing to UoB on the group's behalf, adds that "the proposed solutions need to be radical to be effective." The 2017/18 statistics showed general noise complaints rising 52% to 116 incidents and complaints about parties increasing 24% to 102 across all districts. More than half of all parties took place in Redland, where the Chandos Road area is an acknowledged hotspot because of the density of student houses in adjoining streets. Fiona's letter was emailed to the univers

Highbury says pleas for response to noise must be 'taken seriously'

Highbury Residents Association, representing one of the residential areas closest to the University of Bristol campus, has backed calls for a night-time response to student noise incidents — by either UoB's own security staff or police paid for by the university. In an email to the university responding to recently released noise statistics (see previous posts), the group says the idea of an on-the-spot response needs to be "taken seriously and not dismissed as before". The email says in part: " .... we are particularly concerned about the rise in student noise complaints. As one of our HRA members commented: Whilst there have been initiatives to prepare the 1st years moving on into the comm

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