Newcastle universities pay for extra police

Newcastle and Northumbria universities stumped up £50,000 to pay for extra policing of student areas after residents expressed concern about noise following exams, according to this article from the ChronicleLive. Thanks to Rob Harris of RCAS for pointing it out.

■ Note to readers: 2017-18 incidents

If you are viewing a listing of 2017-18 incidents, please bear in mind the comments I've made elsewhere: The students who were involved in these incidents have probably moved on, and are no longer at the properties mentioned. It follows that the current occupants are not to blame for what happened there previously, and should not be treated negatively. I retain these incidents in the record because they are not completely "closed"—if there are further incidents at a property in a new academic year, with a different student household involved, then we have to question whether the property is being adequately managed, as required by the regulations applying to HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupati

Welcoming new student neighbours

Most students will now have left for their summer break, to be replaced by new student households when the next academic year begins in September. (The University of Bristol's Welcome Week runs from 24 to 28 September.) This gives us two things to think about: -- The majority of students do not annoy their neighbours and many will respond positively if approached by a resident and asked politely to turn music down, or deal with recycling issues. The chances that we can sort out any problems in a friendly way are improved if we start as we mean to go on, so I urge all residents to try to make contact with their new neighbours at an early opportunity, be welcoming, give some tips as to how pro

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■ Back to normal (noisy), 02/06/18

(17008, 17009) (Updated) The weekend of 2/3 June was a noisy one in the Hampton Road and Chandos areas. After a relatively quiet May, warm nights and the end of exams led to a rash of student parties and plenty of shouting on the streets. Most of the parties were modest affairs compared with the events that took place in March. However, one resident was woken in the early hours of 2 June by beat music. She and her partner went out at 3-30am to investigate and found the source to be a house in Lansdown Road: "Windows open, professional looking music deck in basement and a house full of partying students." Remarkably, after some "vigorous discussion", the students agreed to stop the party and

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