My Views on Bristol's Local Plan

Night-time student noise is inextricably bound up with strategic-level decisions by both the University of Bristol and the city council as to the expansion of student numbers and how they will be accommodated within the city. This includes past decisions that allowed the spread of HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation) and their concentration in areas close to campus. So it's important the planners know residents' views about the choices they made in the past, and will make in the future. Right now, the city council is consulting on a review of its Local Plan, the document which enshrines planning policy for the next decade. The consultation closes on 13 April, so if you want to join in, you n

UoB Replies to Chandos

Joni Lloyd, community liaison officer for the University of Bristol, has responded to points raised by residents during a discussion of student noise issues at last week's meeting of the Chandos Neighbourhood Association. Her note is here. For reference, the CNA minute of the noise discussion is here.

■ Hampton Party: Agent Replies

Brownlie Student Accommodation, which manages [x] Hampton Road, has responded to my letter to them about the party on 3 March. Fiona Jacobs, Property Manager, confirms they were unaware of the party until my letter reached them after a detour via a previous agent. Her reply says: "Please accept our apologies that such a disturbance has occurred." She also says "this kind of behaviour is certainly not tolerated in our properties and we have already contacted the tenants ... very clearly pointing out, verbally & in writing, that they are in breach of their tenancy agreement." She adds that the tenants have been advised they are at risk of termination if "further instances" occur. (Presumably t

Chandos to UoB: Do More

Residents in the Chandos area want the University of Bristol to take a tougher line on student noise. That was the clear message from a meeting of the Chandos Neighbourhood Association on Monday evening (19 March 2018). More than 20 residents attended, along with the two ward councillors, Anthony Negus and Cleo Lake, and the UoB community liaison officer, Joni Lloyd. The meeting heard details of two recent parties, [x] Hampton Road and [x] Collingwood Road, along with other similar events. Residents expressed frustration that the situation seems to be getting worse, not better, with a trend towards bigger events involving doormen and hired DJs, and a more blatant disregard of the university'

■ Street noise, Auburn, Hampton, 15/03/18

(17003, 17004) Night-time noise on the streets seems to be increasing. Several residents have commented on this recently. On many nights, and sometimes several times a night, people can be heard shouting -- not just talking loudly, but shouting. Case in point: Auburn Road, 11-30pm, 15 March. Roughly 40 - 50 students, some in fancy dress, emerged from a house and walked into Hampton Park, presumably headed to the bars, with some of the males shouting at the tops of their voices. This was a week night. UoB guidelines: " ... remember that when you are just going out, some people will already be in bed, so try to leave the house quietly." (The guideline for week night parties BTW is finish at 1

■ Party, Collingwood Road, 04/03/18

(17002) 1am to 6am or later: This is a mid-terraced house in a narrow street off Chandos Road, only about 50 or 60 metres from the house in Hampton Road where a party was held the night before (see previous post) -- so some residents were unlucky enough to be woken both nights. This event was if anything even louder, and more organised, with doormen in place checking the names of arrivals against an invitation list. A resident and the property owner both later told me that heavy-duty sound equipment had been taken into the house. (This is part of a worrying new trend in student parties.) I complained shortly after 1am to the organiser, who was apparently celebrating her 21st. Long story shor

■ Party, Hampton Road, 03/03/18

(17001) 2/3 March, 11pm to 4am: Beat music and shouting at a house near the Chandos Road junction. I went out to complain at about 12-20am and the music was briefly turned down. A few minutes later, by now approaching 1am, it was ramped up to significantly higher volume and stayed at that level for the rest of the night. At about 3am, a group from the house waited noisily on the pavement for a taxi; two went to urinate on the other side of the street and another danced in a builders' skip. I didn't need to ask on this occasion whether the residents were students at the University of Bristol because I had complained about a loud gathering at the house in October, and the students were discipl

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